Overcoming Negative Thoughts

When starting out with the Law of Attraction, you may notice that your mind has some ugly thoughts it likes to contribute to your efforts.  Almost all of us have one of these voices in our head: “That will never work.  You can’t do that.  That’s not good enough.  It will never happen.”  Likewise, we all have a voice in our head that encourages us.  “Alright!  That was awesome!  I rock!”  In some of us one or the other may be dominant, or even apparently missing.  If your negative voice is missing, you’re lucky!

If you truly take note, you will notice that the negative voice is quite different from the positive voice.  Not only are they different voices, differing in tone, pitch, and volume.  They will also be in different parts of your head.  The negative voice may be behind your left ear, and the positive voice may come from lower in your head.  Take note of where these voices speak from.

NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, teaches us that we can change these voices by becoming aware of them and then making alterations.  The next time you hear the encouraging voice, by all means, turn up the volume!  When you hear the negative voice, there are a few tricks you can try.  Change the voice into a lower pitch and make it softer.  Give it a sexy ring.  “THAT’S NEVER GOING TO WORK!” is very different sounding from “mmm, that will never work” in a seductive tone.  Turn the volume on this voice down a little.

You may be laughing, but it really is that simple!  These voices are mental constructions we have created.  They reflect different beliefs we have that may or may not serve us.  By adding power to your positive voices and turning your negative ones into something you can laugh at, you change the impact both have on you.

You can try moving the voices around.  This may or may not work, depending on the person.  You can even mute the negative voices and give the positive ones a megaphone.  When you take control of your own thinking processes and mental habits in this way, you change the way that your thinking affects your reality.  By toning down any negative voices, you take away their impact at affecting your mood, your feelings, or your manifestation attempts.

After all, who can manifest their desires while a drill sergeant yells “THIS IS STUPID!” from behind you?  Turn that drill sergeant into a mime.  Oh, and don’t form any mental pictures.  That’ll show em!

By becoming more aware of your thought processes and the different voices you use within your own mind, you can tweak your thoughts so that manifesting your desires is much easier.  But that’s not where the benefits end.  How much better will your entire life be when the voice of failure is forever gone from within you?

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One thought on “Overcoming Negative Thoughts”

  1. When i first discovered and started using the law of attraction to its fullest I had a difficult time ridding myself of negative thoughts and actions. After practice and noticing the results, thinking positive about everything has basically become second nature.
    Thanks for the information on tweaking and fine tuning our thoughts.

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