Overcoming Manifestation Problems – Linguistics and Submodalities

The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on, think and believe will be attracted into your life.  Sometimes it is still difficult to manifest your desires.  Our world, as we perceive it, is not reality.  It is merely a representation of reality formed by the senses.  We define this reality and the elements in it using language. 

There are some important points to note when discussing language and the Law of Attraction.  First and foremost, when you “want” something, you lack it.  This is a common way of expressing a desire, and yet by use of the language alone, prohibits it from manifesting.  So long as you “want” something, you will not have it.  This has to do more with the literal ways in which the subconscious processes language.  This is also why visualizing having what you want in the present is so important. 

Next, note the language you use to describe your visualizations.  Because visualizing is just imagining, it will be different in each person.  Note the sensory words you use: I “see” a beautiful house; I “feel” that I am free; I “hear” the birds chirping.  Each of these demonstrates a different sensory clue.  Do your mental pictures work primarily as visuals?  Kinesthetics?  Sounds?  These are the three most common primary senses.

Now, using some tricks from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming), let’s take your visualizations and make them stronger.  This will empower your manifestation efforts greatly!  Using what is known as submodalities, you can make your visualizations far more effective than ever before.  You can also mix these across all senses to really power charge your imagination. 

When you are visualizing a movie or pictures, treat the movie/pictures as a TV screen in front of you.  Make the screen bigger.  Bring it closer to you.  Turn up the brightness knob.  Turn up the volume.  Allow feelings to get stronger.  What?  Did nobody ever tell you you could do these things?  It’s your mind; you should be able to work it any way you like.

The magic of using submodalities in NLP is that you can begin to elicit far more powerful feelings from your mental pictures.  And as you know, the feelings are the energy that actually put the manifestation in motion.  Learning to use these simple NLP tricks, you can manifest far more powerfully than ever before.  Remember to be aware of the language that you use in manifesting.  Want for nothing; experience everything.

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