Opening Ourselves up to channels to Prosperity

While many realize there are a number of different ways prosperity can come into their lives, they may not really be opening themselves up to the universe to allow all those channels to come to them.

You can say, ‘Sure, I know there are channels other than working harder and longer hours to gain prosperity’, but have you really opened yourself to those channels.

This may take a new affirmation.  Consider asking to see the way with an affirmation such as, “ Show me the way to prosperity, I am open to all channels, and am willing to take the steps necessary to achieve it.”

This is a very strong statement.  In addition to saying it, you need to make sure you believe it.  Are you really ready for prosperity to come to you?

What if the channel that opens up is a completely new career path, are you ready and willing to take a large life-changing step?

You may need to go back to school to start a new career path, are you ready for the work involved with that?

The channel that opens could move you to a new location, are you ready to pick up roots?

We never know how, when, or which channels will open on our path to prosperity, so the best we can do is to prepare ourselves for any possibilities, and strengthen ourselves to move in a direction that is best for our future. Then we must open ourselves to all the channels that are out there. 

Make sure to listen to people when they give recommendations that may be a part of your new path. This could be a friend mentioning a job that has come open, or a news story on the television about a career field that gets your attention. Make a note of these moments and you should get a feeling inside of whether you should act on them.

Once you have that feeling, you should act on it, and be prepared for whatever new paths to prosperity may be opening to you.

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