Open Up to the Universe

If you let it, the universe will be happy to give you the things you have asked for.  But many people are not open to the divine surprises that may be ready to come their way.

As you know the universe is endless. So are the offerings of the universe.  If you wish to receive some of the presents from the universe, it’s as easy as asking.

When it comes to money, let the universe know what you have and what you need.

You should regularly tell yourself that you have the money you need for the things you want, and be thankful for that money.

If you are in a position that you do have the things you need, there may be more out there waiting to come to you.  But to get it, you have to ask.

Give blessings for all the things you have, the bills you pay, and the wonderful things those bills pay for, but then ask the universe if there are more offerings that may come your way. If you’re thinking of something in particular, ask for what it is you want.  If you don’t have any specific wants and needs at the time, ask the universe for a surprise.  Ask for a pleasant surprise as you move along your path to prosperity. 

Eventually you will see that request come to fruition.  It may be in the form of money you did not know was coming to you that will arrive in the mail, or through a refund. It also may come in a less tangible form.  This surprise from the universe could be a friend you had lost touch with over the years looking you up and dropping in for a visit. It could also be that you come upon a way to get a ticket to an event that you had been interested in that was invitation-only and something money could not buy. 

There are only boundaries to the universe if you create them. Otherwise the universe is endless, it’s surprises and presents are endless, and its ways to lighten and enlighten you on your path to prosperity are endless as well.

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