Practice Prosperity

In order to draw large amounts of money to you, you have to be comfortable with the thought of having large amounts of money.

While everyone can say ‘I’d love to have a million bucks!” they have not really thought through what that would mean.  If you handed them a million dollars they would likely go a little crazy, their head spinning, not being able to believe they had that much money in their hands.

Practice makes perfect.

If you were asking the universe for money through the Law of Attraction, what would you do if you got that money? Do you have a perfectly defined plan for your life with that money in it, or are you just saying, ‘I just want money to have it”?

This is where you need to practice prosperity, so you are mentally ready for it to come to you.

The next time you go to the bank, take out a 50-dollar bill or a 100-dollar bill and 10 to 20 one-dollar bills in cash.  Put them in your purse or wallet with the largest bill on top.  Imagine they are all 50 or 100-dollar bills, and that you have a large stack of these bills in your wallet, every day.  Once you become prosperous this would not be an odd thing to experience, so start preparing now.

As you go through your workday, think about the 50 or 100-dollar bill multiplying and that now there are many of them waiting to be spent.  How would you spend them? As you walk by a store and window shop for things you would like to have imagine buying them.  Clearly visualize yourself pulling as many of those bills as you need out of your wallet and paying for the item in cash.  Then visualize that as you spend those dollars, that more appear, so you are never wanting for more.

If at any time you need a little more encouragement to imagine the money in your wallet, look at that 50 or 100-dollar bill and all the large stack of bills behind it.

Once you can visualize yourself with this kind of money, and it feels normal to have such abundance, you are opening the path for that abundance to come to you.

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