Mindset Monitoring

Are you in the right mindset to use the Law of Attraction to bring prosperity to you?

You may think you are, but unless you are really monitoring your thoughts, you may be missing a lot of what is going on in your head.

If you wake up in the morning and go over your goal list, and do affirmations and denials, you are kicking off the day on the right foot. You likely keep your positive, successful mood going for a while, but as the morning drags on and you head into the afternoon of the workday, are stresses getting to you? Are negative thoughts starting to creep in? As the day progresses are there more and more negative thoughts getting through the cracks? Those cracks that have formed in your positive outlook will likely remain un-repaired until you go through your evening’s affirmations and denials.

You need to be able to catch where those negative thoughts are creeping in from and work to rid your life of them.

An easy way to do this is to journal more frequently.  Carry a notebook with you, all the time and whenever a thought comes into your head, jot down the time, the thought, and how it makes you feel.

After three to five days start reviewing what you are thinking.  Do you see where the negative thoughts are coming into your life? All of those negatives are taking you away from the successful mindset you need to draw prosperity to you.

Once you realize what negative thoughts are coming in and when, you need to come up with a game plan to stop them.  It could be as simple as saying an extra affirmation or two in the morning to boost your positive outlook.

If you just have a short attention span, you may even want to carry some affirmations with you during the day and read them regularly to remind yourself of your ultimate goals.

One of the biggest parts of making the Law of Attraction work is being mentally in tuned with your requests of the universe, a Mindset Journal is a quick way to catch what may be slowing down your progress towards prosperity.

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