Mind Control and the Law of Attraction

Specifically, this article is about learning to control your own mind.  You know that manifestation occurs via visualization which causes emotion.  You also know that this happens unconsciously for most people most of the time.  Since so many of us have negative things going on in our lives, we have to become aware that our daily thinking/feeling routines are to blame.  Therefore, in order to change our lives, we need to begin by getting a little more control over our own minds.

Luckily, this is not terribly difficult to do.  The key is in being aware of what you are feeling at all times.  Do you feel good or bad?  Plain and simple, that is how you gauge your thoughts.  When you feel good, you may notice your thoughts.  You may become aware of what types of thought and thinking processes you engage in that make you feel good.  However, our focus is on changing things for the better, and since thought which yields positive results is what we’re shooting for, we can ignore it for now.

Instead, begin focusing on your thoughts when you begin to feel bad.  When you feel unhappy, sad, depressed, angry, afraid… take immediate stock of what you are thinking about.  Step back for just a moment and notice your thoughts.  Your thoughts are always causing your emotions.  Even if something is happening in the physical world that you are reacting to, that reaction occurs through your thoughts first and foremost.  Begin to catch yourself in moments when you slip into negative thought patterns, and immediately move your thinking to something more constructive and positive.

I used to be bad about engaging in negative mental dramas while driving.  These would be days when absolutely nothing was going wrong, and I was merely in the car on my way somewhere.  For some reason, my mind would begin to create a story and I would become very mentally involved in it.  This is the nature of an idle mind – it gets busy one way or another, and needs direction as to what types of activities to engage in.  This was definitely a negative activity.  It would always begin innocently enough – a small what if scenario daydream that would warrant a negative reaction from me.  Wife cheating, friend starting a fight, someone breaking into my house…  My brain would say “what if”, and the next thing I know I’d be 15 minutes into a violent negative daydream.  Did this affect my emotional state?  Of course it did!  And I’m sure there are other people who find similar, destructive activities that their minds engage in during idle periods. 

Daydreams aren’t just daydreams!  They generate emotion, which is energy, which creates an attractive motion in reality.  You daydream about enough negative stuff, such as “what if I don’t get to the store on time?” or “what if my son doesn’t come home on time?” or “what if I can’t finish my project on time?” and you will find that this negative energy will have an affect on your outward reality.  Worry, stress, and fear often play into these mental activities, and these all work together to stifle your positive emotions.  Yet, they are merely patterns and habits.  They can be altered be simply becoming aware of them, catching yourself as soon as you start them, and shifting your mind to something more positive.  At first it will be tough, but before long you will notice that you have completely stemmed those types of negative mental habits, and a cloud will be lifted from your life. 

It’s amazing how powerful an act removing negative thought patterns can be.  Your day to day life becomes smoother, more positive, and more friendly.  You will physically, mentally and emotionally feel better.  And you will know that you are in control of your mind, and not the other way around.  You control your mind to stay positive, which keeps your emotions positive, which brings your words and actions around to being positive, and all of this quickly manifests positive outcomes in your life. 

Don’t wait any longer to begin curbing harmful thought patterns.  Begin now!

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