Manifesting the Means

When attempting to manifest your desires, it’s easy to get mixed up between what you really want and the means for obtaining what you really want.  After all, that’s why so many of us focus on money, isn’t it?  You don’t care about green paper!  You want financial freedom, the ability to travel, and freedom from financial struggles.  It’s important to focus on our desires and not the means, for the means themselves are more difficult to attract.  When focusing on attracting our desires, the means will naturally occur to allow us to reach our goals.  Let’s look at why.

We think, generally, in a very logical fashion.  We’re not used to jumping from A to C.  We’re accustomed to moving through B.  The problem is that when C is where we want to be, but we focus on attracting point B, we are not generating all of the emotional excitement and energy we could be using to attract our desire.  Because of this, we have far more difficulty attaining our goal, and the process can be long and frustrating. 

Have you really tried visualizing loads of money?  Doesn’t that get boring fast?  It’s difficult to do!  That’s because the act of holding money isn’t that interesting.  However, sailing on our yacht while sipping martinis is a far more exciting visual, is it not?  If you paint yourself laid back on the yacht, you naturally imply freedom from struggle.  By focusing on your end result, and attempting to manifest it, you will naturally attract all of the money you need to do so!  This could be a very swift process indeed.  However, this isn’t what most of us do.  We fall into the typical old trap.  We try to manifest the money.

The interesting thing about the Law of Attraction is that it can bring you anything you want.  Regardless of how difficult it may seem, how impossible or how unlikely, you can have what you want!  Since our minds are used to taking logical points, we are used to working our way from where we are to where we want to go.  Listen up, because here’s the magic.  Focus only on where you want to be in the end.  Focus all of your attention, emotion, and visualizations on your end result.  Sit and determine what it is that you truly want first, so that you know that you are on track.  Don’t try to manifest the money – manifest the mansion!  Since the natural progression of our physical world demands that you buy a mansion with a butt-load of money, guess what the Law of Attraction will bring to you?  A butt-load of money, of course.  The money, or the means in any case, is not important.  The means will be there.  You need to worry only about the ends.

Let the universe and the Law worry about the how’s.  You worry about the what’s.  By releasing the medium ground and allowing the Law to operate of its own accord, you free yourself of having to go slowly and painfully from point A to point B, then again from B to C.  If you visualize C, B will happen naturally.  Good luck and happy manifesting!

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