Manifest Monday: The Power of Your Words Will Get You What You Want

A month or so ago, David told me about the site

I’ve wanted to get back into writing—to make it a daily practice—for a long time. I had wanted to take my writing away from the computer and get back to the basics of writing with a pen and a pad of paper. So, when he told me about the site, I was reluctant to try it because the last thing I wanted was to spend even more time trying to write at my computer while fighting the urge to not be distracted by all the other things I could be checking out on the Web.

I looked around the site and found myself really liking it. The design is simple. It’s kind of cool knowing other people are also there writing (even though they can’t see what you are writing). You also get a breakdown of your writings so you can see what topics and emotions you most write about. My personal favorite part of the site is being able to compare the things I write about with the rest of the site. I was fascinated to learn I write a lot more about being anxious and affectionate than most people, but I also write far less about religion and relationships.

As the days have gone on, I’ve begun using this site for “scripting” exercises.

Each of us has our own way of getting into the vibe needed to create what we want. Vision boards are popular way to do this. I know people who write detailed letters to God/the Universe asking for what they want. Years ago, I came across an exercise in the book Ask and It Is Given called the Scripting Process in which you write out exactly what you want—detail by detail–as you would like it to unfold in your life. (You can read more about it here.)

Admittedly, I only used this exercise from time to time, but when I did use it, I found it to be quite powerful.

Now that I have brought this scripting exercise to, I’m really enjoying doing it. I start out the entry with a sentence generally stating what I want to manifest. From there, I just let my imagination write out exactly how I see things coming together. I don’t edit, per se, but I do find myself adding more and more details as I get into the flow of the writing.

I end the writing sessions having reached 750 words feeling amazing. Not only did I achieve my goal of writing for that day, but the excitement of possibility and knowing I just sent out a very clear intention makes me feel hopeful and empowered.

Check out the site. I hope it turns out to be manifesting tool you will use.

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