Making Change By Taking Responsibility

The Law of Attraction states that we all create our own reality using the power of our minds.  This is happening all the time, whether we are aware of it or not.  Becoming aware of it and learning to use this awesome power is the purpose of the many teachings available on the subject.  However, there is one prerequisite that is really quite important in gaining true control over your life.  You must take responsibility for everything, both the good and the bad.

It doesn’t take much goading to get someone to accept responsibility for the good things that have happened in their life.  When you begin asking people to accept responsibility for the bad, you begin to find resistance.  None of us want to feel that we have been to blame for everything.  This goes far beyond a blame game though.  The game of life is a huge canvas and we are the artists.  In order to take control of our brushes, we must first recognize the things we have painted as our own.

You will eventually find this to be true in a literal sense, but for now you don’t need to truly feel this.  Just accept it.  Accept the new belief that you are responsible for everything in your life, and that you have the power to change it.  You have the power to add more good things to your life while letting the bad things drop away.  You do not have this power until you take responsibility however, so adopt this belief on a try-before-you-buy basis (also known as: suspend your disbelief), and you will find within a brief amount of time that it is true for you.

When you take responsibility, you regain all of your power.  No longer will other people or events in your present or past hold any power over you.  You will be in control.  When you adopt this attitude, your visualization exercises will yield far greater results.  Every effort you make to manifest a desire will be empowered tenfold.  Any feelings of being a victim will disappear and you will feel your true strength returning to you.  Do not allow others to tell you any different – they don’t know any better themselves.  Things are possible from this frame of mind that others could never imagine.

Most importantly, whenever you encounter something in your daily life that you do not like, you can consciously acknowledge it, recognize it, and choose to create something different next time.  You can literally begin watching the things in your life that you do not like fade back into the background while more and more of your desires move to the front.  This changing of perception is the shift in reality you are looking for.  Good luck!

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