Lucid Dreaming and Manifestation

Are you aware that it is possible to become lucid in a dream?  While dreaming, you can bring with you the same consciousness you have in your daily life.  This means that to you, the dream is as real as reality, with the exception that you have no physical limitations placed upon you.  In a dream, you can do whatever you want!  Can harnessing the power of lucid dreaming help you in your manifestation efforts?

The answer to that is a resounding yes!  When in a lucid dream or out of body experience, you are in the higher-vibrational realm of thought.  This is where your thoughts manifest instantly, as it is the same plane on which thoughts reside.  When lucid-dreaming, as soon as you imagine something, it exists.  If you think of an ice cream cone, you have it in your hand.  If you want to go somewhere, poof, you’re there!  If you want to visit with someone, they appear.  These are a few of the reasons that lucid dreaming can be so much fun.  To be able to fly around, completely conscious, is a treat that many people never get to experience.  However, there is another side to lucid dreaming that has not been considered.

While you are in the dream world, as I mentioned, you are on a higher-vibrational plane.  In this place, you can visualize by experiencing.  Rather than imagining your desires, you can create them right there with you instantaneously.  The way you want to use this is by creating an incredibly rich, vivid experience of having what you want while in your lucid dream.  Create it, be in it, and enjoy it!  This is far easier to do than regular visualization because what you want really exists for you in that space and time.  This of course will help you to build emotional energy (be careful – if you get too excited in the beginning, you will wake up!) and focus on your desires more thoroughly.  The more you do this and the longer you spend in this reality, the stronger your impact on the higher-vibrational field.  When you are back in the waking world, you can be sure that the impact you made will be manifesting in the physical.

So how do you learn to lucid dream?  There are many excellent books and resources on the topic, but there are a couple of very easy steps you can take that practically assure success.  The main thing is that you will need to continue these exercises daily until you begin getting results in your dreams.  The most important thing to remember is that in your dreams, you are still you!  You are the same person as you are in the day time, and everything that was in your consciousness while you were awake is still sitting below the surface.  That’s why you often have dreams that relate to what you were doing the day before.  So you want to twist this to your advantage. 

The way that you can do this most easily is to begin asking yourself during the day, am I dreaming?  Make a habit out of it in several places – in your car, when getting to work, when getting home, when opening the refrigerator… any markers you can use to remind yourself to do this will help.  Another cool way is by setting a watch that beeps every hour.  Each hour when that beep sounds, stop what you’re doing and very seriously ask yourself the question, Am I Dreaming?  Look around.  Feel.  Remember what you were doing and why.  Remember what you were doing 10 minutes ago.  Dreams have a tendency to lack linearity, and by creating a regimen by which you truly do a reality check, this habit will eventually invade your dreams.  Especially if you use the watch trick – keep the watch in your room while you sleep and allow it to continue beeping each hour.

At some point, be it days, weeks, or even a month or two, you are going to impress this habit into your subconscious.  In the middle of a dream, you are going to fall into this habit and do a reality check.  To your amazement, you will not be able to verify reality in the way that you can while awake.  Suddenly, you will wake up inside your dream, and realize you are dreaming.  Then you have your full waking consciousness inside the dream, and can take control and do anything you want.  This is the most exhilarating feeling in the world, so don’t be surprised if you get too excited the first time or two and wake yourself up!

After getting used to this state and playing around, you will have learned how to move, manifest, and play instantaneously in the dream world.  At this point, begin focusing on your desires for your daily life.  Just as your daily habits sink into the dream world, your dream creations, especially when empowered for any extended length of time, will begin manifesting in your daily life.

Happy dreaming!

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