Law of Attraction, Money and You – Part II

In Part I of this article, we discussed the ways energy blockages can hinder or limit our financial resources.  We emphasized the futility of using the Law of Attraction to attract more money if you don’t first clear the blockages that prevent it from manifesting in your life.  Finally, we described the symptoms of such a blockage:  feeling blocked or “stuck,” unable to move forward beyond a certain point, ineffectiveness of prosperity affirmations and visualizations, and constant frustration because “it’s not working.”

In order to identify and dissolve inner blockages, you need to answer three questions:

What aspects of my financial situation make me feel uncomfortable?

For some people it might be a mountain of debt; for others it might be rampant disorganization; for still others it might be inadequate income.  Ask yourself which situations you usually try to avoid thinking about or looking at – those are the areas in which a blockage exists, and it needs your attention if you want to resolve it.  Once you are clear about the aspects of your financial situation that make you feel most uncomfortable, ask yourself:

What do these situations say about the rest of my life?

You see, money problems are NOT just about money!  Money can serve as a mirror for passion, love, joy, purpose, courage, or any number of other qualities you may be resisting.  Financial abundance or lack usually reveals identical abundance or lack in other areas of your life.  Look at your job, your health, your relationships, your self-esteem (and anything else you can think of), and see if you have blockages there too.  Take your time with this exercise, because it is absolutely mind-blowing once you “get it.”  Once you’ve discovered correlations between your financial abundance and the other areas of your life, ask yourself:

How can I increase the flow of energy to these areas?

You will definitely want to give this question some deep thought because the answer will vary for everyone.  Understand that a blockage simply means stagnation or neglect; an obstruction to the flow of energy.  This obstruction can be an unresolved situation, limiting belief, or unproductive habit.  It acts as a clog in the plumbing, so little energy can get through.

In order to clear the clog, you need to turn your attention upon it and take action to remove it.

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

Blockage:  You may have discovered that the aspect of your financial situation that makes you most uncomfortable is the fact that you don’t earn enough money.  Perhaps you’re stuck in a low-paying job and you occasionally consider seeking a better job or starting your own business, but you keep holding back.  Why do you think that is?  Could it be that you don’t feel you deserve to earn more?  Poor self-worth could be the blockage that is holding everything up!

Resolution:  In order to clear the blockage, you would need to change your belief that you don’t deserve to earn more money.  This might involve doing some intensive self-esteem work, or learning how to value the contributions you make to the world, or building up the courage to make a move toward something better.

Blockage:  You may have realized that your financial records are a mess.  You haven’t balanced your checkbook in years, and you don’t have an organized method for paying bills so you end up paying most of them late and accruing big late fees.  This creates a major drain on your finances and can make it seem like you never have enough – but you would if you could better manage what you have!

Resolution:  With a little introspection, you may have noticed that you are also terribly disorganized in other areas of your life.  You may struggle with time management, or your home may be so cluttered that you can’t find what you’re looking for.  Disorganization is easy to resolve by simply devoting a set amount of time to it each day.  Commit to cleaning up your financial situation by figuring out how much debt you have, how much money you have (balance your checkbook!) – AND doing the same thing in other areas of your life.  It may take time to see results, but as you continue to clear blockages by getting organized you will notice an easier flow of energy (and money) through your life.

Your situation might be completely different from those described above, but you can follow the same steps to clear blockages in your life.  Here they are in summary form:

1)    Figure out what makes you most uncomfortable.
2)    Identify correlations with the other areas of your life.
3)    Take action to dissolve the blockages.

When you do this on a consistent basis, you will notice that energy (in the form of money, as well as other qualities) will flow through your life much more easily and you will now be able to use the Law of Attraction in a much more conscious way.

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  1. I have just had a chance to read your last several posts on Law of Attraction. This is great stuff and is very helpful to my current situation. I have been working on some issues and wondering why it just didn’t seem to be working, when I had the idea to look at this site and was led right to the answers I needed right now. Thanks!

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