Law of Attraction Teleseminars Now Available for Download

Had some requests for people who wanted to download the recent teleseminars we did on Law of Attraction, so here they are…


Health (and Weight Loss) TeleseminarRIGHT CLICK HERE AND SELECT "SAVE AS…" TO DOWNLOAD


Again, be sure to RIGHT CLICK on the download link to save the file to your computer. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Teleseminars Now Available for Download”

  1. Thank you for posting the calls online so I could listen to them. I spent the weekend listening to the all three calls. I have been wanting to move my life in new direction so I took the weekend and really focused on the changes I needed to make. I organized my banks accounts, checked my credit score and took responsibility over my bills after listening to the finance call. Its totally about being aware of yourself and doing the work. You can make all the lists of things you want but you truly have to put the energy into getting the processes going. I have a vision board for 2008 and its shows many things but if i do not make the efforts to start to try to gain these things it will never happen. The finance call was the little kick in the rear to get me going. The call gave me the confidence and positive attitude to go and start the process of the initial steps I have to do to get ready to buy a property. It made realize that its ok and not be afraid of what I might find. As long as I am making baby steps towards my wants, such as buying a property I will get there. Baby steps are still moving forward not backwards. My credit score is better then I thought and I am aware of all of my accounts. I know exactly what bills I have to pay and what money is coming in. I have taken responsibility for my finances and I feel in control. Thank you so much!

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