Law of Attraction and Relationships – The Teleseminar

Here’s a recording of the teleseminar I did with Wendy Wallace of  We talked about the Law of Attraction and how it affects relationships. 

On this call, you’ll learn more about:

– How to attract the relationship you want.
– What happens when your partner/spouse doesn’t believe in LOA.

– Soulmates and the Law of Attraction.

…and more!

You can listen here using the player below…

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NOTE: Some visitors initially had problems playing this audio.  We have since uploaded a new version, which should work in all browsers.  If you have any problems, please post a comment below. 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Law of Attraction and Relationships – The Teleseminar”

  1. I don’t know if everyone is having this problem but the recording link plays at super speed and sounds like Minnie Mouse on my computer. Is everyone having that problem? I tried to call in last night but kept getting a recording that the call could not be completed and to try again later. I assumed it didn’t take place. Would love to be in on the next call. Can you tell me how to avoid that problem next time?

  2. I am HOWLING. It sounds like SEVERAL mice having a frantic and animated conversation. I didn’t learn anything about the law of attraction and relationships but i did get a good laugh…

  3. Reading the the book has exposed me to phenomenal personal power. I have read books before but this has made it. What people should really take sriously is the fact that we are in control of our happiness. Personally, I think that is where everything starts. We have to take our positions in this plannet and the greatest thing I learnt from the Law Of Atrraction is that we have the power to even determine that position. Once we understand the difference between what we need and what we want, and we realise that we can be happy with only what we need, which really most people already have, we can sail through life happily while getting what we want.

  4. I have a problem with my computers sound card. So I’d like to have
    a pdf version of the transcription of the seminar. Hope, you will be
    able to oblige me. Thanks a lot. Shyam

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