Law of Attraction and Health – The Teleseminar

Here’s a recording of the teleseminar I did with Wendy Wallace of  We talked about the Law of Attraction and how it affects health, fitness, and weight loss.

On this call, you’ll learn more about:

– How to have an ideal body weight
– The attitude you need for a health/fitness plan to be successful
– Finding balance with your health and fitness practices
…and more!

You can listen here using the player below…


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One thought on “Law of Attraction and Health – The Teleseminar”

  1. Great audio Wendy and David. It was inspiring hearing LOA applied to health.
    Weight problems have so many underlying issues.
    Something I’ve noticed is many people I know with weight problems, have had their weight problem for so long that that’s often how they see themselves, with a weight problem — and they can’t see themselves as being their ideal weight. The conscious thought might be strong to lose weight, but their underlying belief may not support it. And there’s got to be a belief it will happen in order for it to actually happen. Their focus is being overweight, failing diets before,feeling a failure,etc — that’s what they attract more of.

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