Keeping others from taking your prosperity

Going through your affirmations and opening yourself up to all channels out there are only part of the way to clear your path to prosperity.

Unfortunately, you are not the only one who affects your ability to be open to gifts of prosperity.  There are a number of interferences that can come from the outside, and toss obstacle after obstacle into your path.    You must take control of the path, and knock the interferences and obstacles out of the way.

You must use an affirmation such as, ‘I am in control of my path to prosperity, and no one can interfere with it.”

Many figure that the people roadblocks in their life will be rivals, for jobs, for relationships, and other things.  The people who are jealous of what you are moving toward and are after the same thing.  But you may not even consider the people who are the real obstacles on your path.  Often it is family members or friends who have told you over the years, that you couldn’t do something, or that you weren’t good enough to make it to the top.  While in many cases they may have thought they were just trying to save you from getting hurt, they put roadblocks on your path.  Those thoughts and comments that conflict with your goals and dreams are roadblocks you must get rid of to keep your path to prosperity clear. 

When you come upon those roadblocks, visualize pushing them out of the way, and back that up with an affirmation such as, ”I do not believe in these limitations on my path to prosperity.”

Making your path to prosperity a positive one may have a side effect you did not expect. Some of the people you know, who were the ones putting the negative roadblocks in front of you may no longer fit into your life. They may well be left behind.  Appreciate the time you had with them, but understand they are a part of your past, and not a part of the path to prosperity you are on. You will meet new friends along the way.

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