Keep Pushing for Prosperity

When you know it’s time to move forward on your path to prosperity, you will feel some sort of discontent, something will be pulling you in a direction of saying, “There must be more than this.” You will then start to search for that something more.

Eventually a channel will open up to show you the way.  Once you have followed that side channel, you may think the work is done.  You may convince yourself there is nothing more, and that you just need to sit and wait.  Think again.

Unfortunately many people suffer from feelings of insecurity or incompetence, believing that a small step is ok, and something we can do, but large steps or multiple steps are beyond us, or that we are undeserving.

Your path will not be filled with things that you cannot make it through or overcome, although it may look that way.  You need to remember that when you see coming steps that cause fear inside.

You need a more positive attitude going into the situation.   Know that the situations, thoughts and channels that are made available to you are there for you to use and prosper from. Do not be afraid of them, or think you are not worthy. They were put there for you!

Also, while you may have made a shift on your path to prosperity, you can’t assume only one turn was necessary. There could be a number of steps, curves and turns, and you could be stopping too early.  Luckily, you will likely get an extra push. You will feel the little push or tug, and you will know that is God pushing you a little more to complete the job at hand.

Say your affirmations. Remind yourself that you will not allow obstacles in your way. Know that the nagging feeling inside to do more is God’s way of telling you there is more to be done, and there is more that you can do for yourself, and that you are capable of doing it. Tell yourself that there are no roadblocks you cannot overcome on your path to prosperity.

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