Keep a Goal List

If you keep a journal on your path to prosperity, this is a page that should definitely be in there – the Goal List.

It is very easy to get wrapped up in the things we need to get through every day and forget the big things we want to accomplish.  So many influences can get in the way that you end up on the wrong path and have to find your way back to the beginning and start over again.

If you make a list of your top 5 or top 10 goals, you can use this list to keep yourself focused every day.

If you have a tough time being patient with people and situations, this may be at the top of your list. 

By reading the list every morning and every night, you will ingrain into your mind that you must remember to be more patient.  It won’t happen overnight, but you will realize that soon, when you need it, the words will pop into your head.  You could have one of your children yelling because they want their way.  Maybe in the past you would yell back until you both were angry and stressed out. But next time, while you start to yell back, you catch yourself after a few sentences.  The words from your goal list are resonating in your head, to be more patient with the situation.  You take a deep breath and continue the rest of your encounter with your child in a calmer manner.  At the end of the encounter, you should feel good about yourself for taking that step.  While you were not completely patient, you did catch yourself, and made an effort to make a change.  That was a large step.  In the future, you may notice that you have fewer and fewer words of anger, until that habit is gone, and you can always react to the situation calmly. 

Keeping focused on your list of goals will help you fine-tune what help the universe can give you on your path to prosperity, and help you use the Law of Attraction more effectively.

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