Infinite Possibilities: Tuning In To A Greater You

The universe in which we live is one of infinite possibilities.  There are literally no restrictions on what you can be, do, or experience.  We place restrictions on ourselves, unknowingly.  By breaking down our own mental barriers and belief systems, we can better learn to tune in to the greater realm of possibilities available to us as spiritual beings.

Breaking down belief systems can be frustrating.  It can take a long time, and you will find that not long after, a new belief system has sprung up in the old one’s place.  This cycle seems never ending at first, but eventually, after breaking down your systems of belief multiple times, you will find yourself feeling more open, more aware.  You will have less need for belief systems, as in general belief systems form to assist us in navigating our daily life without thinking about things.

By increasing awareness, it is possible to bypass some of the time it takes to cyclically break down your beliefs.  By increasing awareness, you become more present in the now moment, and more possibilities begin to open to you.  When navigating thoughtlessly and automatically through life, we need to set up certain barriers and shortcuts so that we can move as quickly as we need to.  In a more aware existence, this is less necessary.  Everything you need is available to you as you need it.

The best method for increasing awareness is to learn meditation.  In learning to meditate, you learn to silence the constant chatter of the mind, which keeps us rooted in the past and looking into the future.  When this chatter stops, you find yourself calmly present in the here and now.  It sounds anticlimactic, but you will be surprised to realize how little your focus has actually been in the now.  The now moment is a breath of fresh air.  It is the only true moment of time, that through which the future passes to become the past.  Your only experience is within the now – you have been in the now all of your life.  By learning to awaken to this moment, you will begin feeling the nostalgia of childhood, before you formed so many brick walls within your mind and solidified your beliefs about reality.

Practice breathing awareness.  Simply breathe in and out, not fast, not slow.  Become aware of the breath as it enters your body, turns around, and exits again.  Some say that at the point of that reversal, between in-breath and out, you can find the truth of your being.  Learn to pay special attention on this tiny gap.  Find the secrets that are held within.

Meditation will bring a soothing calm into your daily life, as well as assist you in having more energy and clarity.  As you begin to find the silence within yourself, you will begin to open to the truly infinite possibilities that await you.  Good luck!

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