Increasing Your Prosperity Awareness

If you’ve held a lack mentality for any length of time, you have likely reduced your awareness of the prosperity that exists all around you and gotten used to seeing lack and shortage everywhere you turn.

You know how they put “blinders” on horses so they can’t see peripherally and get spooked or distracted?  You’ve got your own kind of blinders on – ones that blot out your ability to see true abundance.  It’s time to take the blinders off!  This article will walk you through three simple steps that will help you increase your prosperity awareness.

1)  Switch your perspective.

Because you’re so used to focusing on lack and scarcity, you may need to consciously switch your perspective in every situation until it becomes a habit.  A good way to start is by paying attention to the times when you begin focusing on lack.  If you feel stressed when it’s time to pay your bills, or you get angry when an unexpected expense arises or when you miss an opportunity – make a conscious decision to alter your perspective in these moments.

Rather than feeling stressed about paying your bills, affirm that you always have more than enough money to cover them, even if you have to juggle a few things around.  Affirm that just like you received the money you have right now, you will receive more again.  If an unexpected expense comes up, affirm that your resources are expanding to fill the demand.  If you miss out on a great opportunity, affirm that opportunities are limitless in number, and vow that you will recognize and take advantage of them as often as possible from now on.

2)  Tune into the natural abundance around you.

A great way to become aware of the abundance around you is to spend time in a natural setting.  Take an afternoon visit to a local park, public gardens, or even your own back yard.  Sit quietly and take in your surroundings.  Notice the abundance of plant and animal life, and see how effortlessly everything blooms into life.  Think about the process that takes place in the cycles of nature: how a seed is planted, watered and given sunlight and begins to grow into something beautiful.

Think about ways you can apply this same process in your own life.  What seeds can you plant and nurture?  What do you need to shine more sunlight upon, and what needs consistent pruning and maintenance?

3)  Go on a prosperity hunt.

Have you ever participated in an Easter egg hunt?  Adults hide colorful plastic eggs filled with toys and candy, children go on a “hunt” to find them and keep whatever they find.  You can do the same thing in your own life, but seek prosperity instead of eggs.  Travel new pathways and look for prosperity wherever you go.  Look more closely at the people you encounter, and expand your awareness of places and situations to find the hidden egg of prosperity that exists there.

Prosperity lurks under every bush, within every flower, in every location, in every smile you receive and give, and in every situation you experience in life.  You just need to recognize it and embrace it and it will be yours.

Once your prosperity awareness is strong, you will more easily see the potential in every situation.  Opportunities will seem to drop right into your lap, and you will feel eager to grasp the abundance that is rightfully yours.

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