Increase Your Abundance by Serving Others

One of the most powerful ways to increase the abundance in your own life is by giving to others.  Though it may seem like a contradiction, the more you give away the more you’ll have.

How is this possible?  If you give everything you have, doesn’t that leave you with nothing?  How does the act of giving create a return?

The answer lies in our perception of a limited universe.  Most of us have lived our lives under the impression that the universe is limited.  Further, what we have is limited and if we take from someone else, we have more and they have less.  If we give to someone else, they have more and we have less.

Most of us are not taught the reciprocal nature of the universe – which means we tend to get back what we put out.  You may have heard that what you focus on the most expands, or that “like attracts like.”  But pause for a moment and consider this in a broader sense.

You may be able to recall instances when you did something nice for someone and received a pleasant surprise in return.  Likewise, if you harmed someone or took from someone out of greed, you probably received a negative consequence in return (even if it showed up later).

Think of the universe as a great big mirror.  Whatever you believe, you will receive.  What you do unto others you also do unto yourself.  This is good news because you can use this principle to increase your own abundance in ways that also greatly enhance the lives of others.

There are a few important points to keep in mind, however:

1)    Don’t serve others with an expectation that you’ll receive something in return.

If you focus on that, you are not serving with a truly generous heart, and the returns you get will be less than impressive.  Instead, let the joy and gratitude you feel about helping others serve as its own reward – and it definitely won’t be your only reward.

2)    Leave it up to the universe to figure out how and when you’ll be compensated.

Don’t assume that giving money means you’ll receive money back.  It may be so, or your rewards may come in another form altogether.  Don’t expect that helping someone today will result in a big payday tomorrow.  It could happen, but it might not.  Most likely, your rewards will arrive in such a way and at such a time that you never could have guessed – which makes them even more enjoyable when they arrive.

3)    Don’t wait until you have a lot of resources before you begin to give.

Give now and give often – even if you don’t have a lot.  In fact, the power of your gesture will be MUCH stronger if you don’t have a lot to give.  That seems to make no sense, but what you’re doing is affirming that there is more than enough to go around, which means more will come back to you more quickly.

Once you start to give to others with a heart full of joy, you’ll realize that there is truly no such thing as lack and the universe has an unlimited ability to bless you with abundance and awe.

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