If you want prosperity using the Law of Attraction…

If you want prosperity using the Law of Attraction, you need to know what it feels like to have it.

Part of the snag many people hit in getting the prosperity they want, is that they really don’t understand what it would be like to have abundance, and they can’t even begin to comprehend what things they could do if they were to be prosperous.

You need to teach yourself how to react. 

Treat yourself like a millionaire.

While you may say you can’t afford to treat yourself like a millionaire because you don’t have the money, there are ways to feel rich while still waiting for the riches to arrive.  Schedule a trip to an upscale mall.

Dig into the closet for the expensive outfit you wear on special occasions.  Add to it your nicest jewelry and all the accessories. And women, make sure your makeup and hair is done as well.

Once you have yourself looking like a million bucks, it’s time to act like a million bucks

If you can, have someone drive you to the mall and drop you at the door. If they will then come in with you and carry your items and be your personal assistant for the day, all the better.  If not, make sure you have a way to let them know to pick you up, and have them waiting at the curb when you are done with your trip.

When you walk into the mall, go to the more expensive stores.  No dollar stores, no sales signs.  You want riches, and wonderful things.  There may be a high-end clothing store which had items you coveted.  Go in and try on as many as you would like.  Once you are in the outfit, make sure to admire how you look. Take all the time you need getting comfortable with that image of yourself in the dressing room mirror.

Many malls have a higher end candy store, if this mall does go there.  Usually you may not consider paying $3-$5 for a piece of candy.  But today, you are not who you usually are, you are growing into a person who deserves the best.  Peruse the candy selection and ask the salesperson questions as you make a decision on which one you want.  Select what would be perfect for you, without any guilt.  Take small nibbles and enjoy the quality of the candy.

Make sure to also stop at the high-end jeweler.  Have them pull a piece out of the window for you to try on.  There should be no strange feeling about doing this; after all, you deserve these riches.  As the jewels hit your skin take some time admiring how they look on you in the mirror. Make sure to see your face, your clothing, and this beautiful jewelry in the mirror’s reflection. Remember this image. This is how you deserve to look and feel.

Once you begin to understand how it feels to be prosperous and teach your body that this feeling is ok, and what you deserve it, prosperity will start coming to you.

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