How to Make the Law of Attraction Work

The way to make the law of attraction work is simple.

First, know what you want. You need to be definite in this request. Have a clear image in your mind of the prosperity you seek.  You must be able to daily picture your success and prosperity, while asking the universe to let you see what it is you seek come to fruition. 

If what you need is a financial boost, don’t just ask for some money.  Such a vague request could lead you to finding five dollars in a coat pocket that you did not realize was there. If that five dollars was not enough to take care of your needs, you may think the universe did not answer you, but the truth is that you were not specific enough. 

Picture yourself getting a check that will take care of the need you currently have.  You must clearly be able to visualize the check being put in your hand. See your name written on it in the ‘pay to’ section. Look at the number written out as well as the matching words for the amount of money that is now coming to you.

Avoid any negative thinking. Don’t wonder if the universe will give you what you are visualizing.  That is casting doubt on what you want and whether it should come to you. That can stop the Law of Attraction from working. Instead, believe that you deserve what you are asking for and that the universe is bringing it to you.  The wheels are already turning to manifest your request. It may take a little time for it to come to you, but you must believe that the universe is actively working to bring you the prosperity and successes you are asking for.

Don’t forget to be thankful. Even before you see your request realized, know that it is coming, and appreciate and give gratitude to the universe for bringing it to you. 

Patience is the key to seeing the Law of Attraction work.  You will not always get what you want overnight, but as long as you do not cast doubt on your request, you will see your vision come to fruition.

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