How to Become Lucky

You may be accustomed to thinking about luck as some mysterious, fleeting quality that you either have or don’t have – but the Law of Attraction teaches us that we can consciously choose to become lucky.

While the dictionary defines luck as “chance or good fortune” – studying the Law of Attraction awakens us to the understanding that chance has little to do with it.  It is our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions that determine the outcome of any situation, not some random quirk of fate.

In other words, it is much more about the type of person you are and the things you consistently do that determine how lucky you are.  Through the conscious use of the Law of Attraction, you can easily and quickly become the luckiest person on the planet!  You just have to understand how to get some good energy flowing through your life by adopting the mind-set and demeanor of a lucky person.  This involves learning how to alter your thoughts, emotions and actions in such a way that they attract opportunities, abundance and good fortune.

How do you do this?  If you’ve ever observed the people that seem to be naturally lucky, you may have noticed a few interesting things about them.

•    Lucky people are optimists.  They always expect the best outcome with whatever they do, and they very often get it!  They don’t spend time brooding over missed opportunities or a lack of options.  Instead they focus on the positives and MAKE situations work for them.  At the same time, they have learned the art of detachment.  They let go of any “need” for a specific outcome and instead remain open to the many good things that life has to offer.  This very mind-set is what attracts great opportunities into their lives, and also gives them the keen awareness to recognize such opportunities.

•    Lucky people live in the moment.  They don’t spend time obsessing over negative things that happened in the past, and they don’t harbor anxiety about the future.  Instead, they simply grasp the joy and passion that life has to offer them right NOW, and let the future take care of itself.  This also contributes to clearer thought processes, which enables them to be more aware of the potential that exists in each moment.

•    Lucky people take action without hesitation.  You will rarely see a lucky person hesitating, doubting, or holding back on something they really want to do.  Instead, they leap ahead when they see something they want.  They’re not afraid of hard work, but they also seem to have an innate ability to make any endeavor fun and exciting.  They don’t groan about how hard life is; they take control of the wheel and steer their lives where they want to go!

If you consciously begin taking these actions yourself on a regular basis, you will notice a gradually increasing flow of good fortune.  Not only will you attract better outcomes in every situation, you will call forth endless opportunities to keep improving all areas of your life. 

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