How Haggling Creates an Energy Imbalance

If you’ve ever bargained for a better deal when visiting a flea market, garage sale, or even a car dealership – you have engaged in “haggling.”  You may be surprised to learn the effect this practice has on the way the Law of Attraction works in your life.

Haggling is the process of entering into a negotiation about the price that will be paid for any product or service.  It is a common practice in both personal and business endeavors, and there is nothing inherently wrong with such a practice – except when you inadvertently create an energy imbalance by doing do.

When you think about the way the Law of Attraction works in your life, you understand that intention is everything.  The thoughts, feelings, and intentions you hold when engaging in any activity usually determine the quality of outcome you experience.

In the context of haggling, your intention will determine whether you use the Law of Attraction in a way that benefits both parties, or creates an imbalance of energy.  When you purchase something, receive something, give something, or sell something, you are creating an exchange of energy with another person or business entity.  If the quality or quantity of energy exchanged is not fairly equal, an imbalance will be created.

That might not seem like a big deal, but remember that the universe seeks balance in all things.  If you have an imbalanced transaction, the universe will seek balance in another area – likely one you least expect!

Let’s use an example to demonstrate this energy exchange:

Imagine that you are browsing through a garage sale or flea market, and you come across an item you want to buy.  The price tag reads $20.00, but you decide to see if you can get it for less.  Before you enter into negotiations with the seller, consider your intentions carefully.

If you attempt to gain greater value than you are giving to the seller of the item, you will create an energy imbalance.  You are in effect trying to pay less than you believe an object is worth, which will detract from the energy you exchange with the seller.

The universe, in its infinite wisdom, will then seek to create balance again.  There are many ways this can happen, such as: you might lose money on another transaction, or the item you purchased might even get stolen or break unexpectedly.

Does this mean that haggling is always a bad thing?  Not at all!  Haggling takes a very beneficial turn if you feel that an item is overpriced and you want to bring the price back into alignment with the value it contains.  In that case, haggling is an effective way to CREATE more balance in the energy exchange.

It all comes down to your intention in every transaction.  If you try to cheat others by taking more than you give, you will ultimately find yourself losing more than you gain.  If you instead strive to create fair transactions for all parties, you will create a beneficial flow of energy that helps you AND those you deal with.

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