How to Use The Law of Attraction

When getting started with the Law of Attraction, it’s easy to overlook some of the steps.  When broken down, each little piece of the manifestation puzzle is very simple.  So simple, in fact, that it can be easy to forget or underestimate one of the steps along the way.  Let’s look at each of the steps and why they are important, as well as the nuances of how to put them to work for you.

The first step is to identify your desire.  You must choose something that you want, preferably something you can get excited about.  You need to choose a positive, and never a negative.  So “I desire wealth” is fine, while “I don’t want to be poor anymore” will bring you exactly what you don’t want.  Once you have chosen your desire, you need to begin placing focus on it, consistently, steadily, and repeatedly. 

Start by setting aside some visualization time each day.  Allow yourself the freedom to fully imagine your desired outcome, whether it be wealth, a new house, or meeting the love of your life.  Indulge in the fantasy as fully as you can, immersing yourself in a sensory experience.  Be aware of the taste, smell, touch, sound and sight of your desire.  Mentally walk through your home, hold your partner’s hand, have conversations with people in your daydream.  Do anything that fires you up and helps to get you feeling excitement.

Secondly, you have to let go and allow your desire to begin moving toward you.  You need to give the universe room to operate.  Involve yourself in other things and do not allow yourself to think pessimistically about what you are working on with the Law of Attraction.  One positive thought is worth more than many negative thoughts, but if you keep a negative thought pattern, you will overcome the positive one.  Keep your mind off of your goal and busy yourself with other things.  When you get a chance, repeat part one to add energy to the attraction process.  Do not worry or stress over the how or when of manifestation – simply trust in the process.  This can be the most difficult thing for many people to do.  The main idea is not to undo everything you worked so hard in step one to accomplish.  This is easier than it sounds, but with the negative thinking some of us tend to engage in, it can be a real problem.

Finally, the third step is to allow your desire to manifest.  Beware unusual opportunities or coincidences – these will guide you to your desire or desired outcome.  The universe will synchronistically bring about the manifestation of your desire, and you will get what you wanted.  The speed with which you move from step one to step three will improve as your trust in the process improves.  Step two is really a learning process about getting out of your own way, and at the ultimate level, step one will be immediately followed by step three.  The waiting period is only due to our own subconscious resistance to immediate manifestation, as it flies against what we currently believe is possible in the physical world. 

Have patience with yourself and with the process.  Allow yourself time to build up small successes so that you can begin to work on larger ones.  The more you put this law into action, the better able you will be to manifest what you want.  Best wishes!

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