How to Meditate

Meditation is a powerful skill that can benefit your life in many tangible ways.  To start with, the Law of Attraction is far easier to apply when you know how to block distractions during your visualization exercises.  Meditation allows you to relieve stress, both in the moment and in general, as the effects of meditation will begin to bring you a more peaceful state of being even when you are not meditating.  Meditation also allows you to stop negative thoughts, or to get out of loops of thought that distract you or keep you awake at night.  It becomes easier to set your worries and fears aside, and you may even have a spiritual experience, allowing you to see beyond the veil of this physical reality.

So how do you meditate?  To start, all you need to do is stop everything and sit down somewhere.  Be comfortable, but not in a spot where you can easily fall asleep.  Sit with yourself and become aware of the thoughts that your mind is processing.  It may be difficult to just sit still, especially at first when your mental chatter can nearly drive you crazy.  After awhile though, your mind will become bored and run out of things to do.  If you can remain still when this happens, you will enter a state of pure being.

This state is still, quiet, peaceful, and relaxing.  You will feel your concerns about the past and the future melting away, and only the present moment will matter.  Your stress levels will lower and you may begin to feel somewhat euphoric.  Don’t do anything, don’t think anything, and don’t judge the experience, just learn to sit and be.  This is far more difficult than it at first sounds, and yet it is the simplest thing in the world.

All of the huge benefits of meditation await you behind this door, and until you can truly sit and meditate, you will not realize any of these effects.  So it is crucial to get through the difficult part, which is going to be the first few times you try this.  Your mind, your ego itself, is not used to being still, to being silent, or to focusing on the present moment.  Your mind must reference the past and plan for the future, it must be busy and active, and in stillness, it dies away.  So expect your mind to put up a good fight.  You may feel discomfort, or out of control thoughts.  You might even begin to feel like you’re sitting on a stove, and every cell in your body will want to lurch up and go do something.

Resist this until it stops, and you will find the beginnings of true inner peace.  I can not stress the value of learning to be silent.  There is a wealth of information and emotion within you that you do not have access to until you have become still.  You may find yourself working through past issues that are affecting you.  You may find yourself blasted into a spiritual experience.  You may just find that sitting in euphoria is incredibly pleasant.  In any case, your manifesting abilities and your spiritual side will flourish with the simple addition of meditation to your regimen. 

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