How to Create a Wealth Fund

Looking for an easy way to attract more abundance into your life?  Start by making the money you have act as a magnet to attract more!  One good way to do this is by creating a personal wealth fund.  This is a fun and lucrative activity – and it pays big rewards!

There are several ways to do this, but here’s one to get you started:

First, consider how much frivolous spending you do in a typical week.  “Frivolous” spending refers to purchases of items you don’t really “need,” but you do enjoy.  Perhaps you spend $15.00 a week on gourmet coffee on your way to work, or you buy a cafeteria lunch every day, or you and your family rent 2 or 3 movies every weekend.  Also include clothing, shoes, books, cigarettes, cosmetics, newspapers, and other miscellaneous items you buy on a regular basis.  Make a detailed list of these purchases and set it aside for now.

You may be surprised (and relieved) to learn that I’m not going to suggest you refrain from purchasing these items and instead put the money in your wealth fund.  (Exception: if your spending is out of control and causing severe financial problems, it IS a good idea to control it better.)  However, if you can afford these purchases each week, feel free to continue with them.

BUT – I also want you to set aside 10% of everything you spend on frivolous items.  If you spend $15.00 per week on gourmet coffee, you should set aside $1.50 for your wealth fund.  If you buy 3 new books for a total cost of $41.80, you should set aside $4.18 for your wealth fund.  (I like to round up the change to the next .50 cents to keep it simpler, so I’d actually set aside $4.50)

You can designate a pretty jar or box to hold this money and once you’ve got enough to open a separate savings account at a bank, do it.  (DON’T use your regular savings account, and DON’T request a debit or ATM card for this wealth account!  You don’t want the money to be readily accessible.)

Each week simply deposit your 10% for the week.  And forget that money exists!  Seriously, don’t allow yourself to touch it for ANY reason.

At the end of the year, you should have a tidy sum which you can then invest for long-term wealth.  You can purchase a certificate of deposit, open a mutual fund account, buy some bonds, or any other type of investment you feel comfortable with.

It may not seem like you’d have a lot of money by doing this, but that’s because you don’t realize just how much money you spend on frivolous items each week!

Let’s look at some conservative estimates:

If you determine that you spend $50 per week on frivolous items, you’d be setting aside $5 per week for your wealth fund, which would gain $260 in a year.

However, most of us spend much more than $50 per week on frivolous items.  More than likely it’s closer to $100 – which would give us $520 in a year.  It seems like small potatoes, but it definitely adds up!

Also, don’t forget that most people make at least a few large purchases throughout the year.  If you buy a new flat screen TV for $1200, be sure to set aside $120 for your wealth fund and give it a nice boost!

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