How Ken Robinson Manifested a $300,000 House For $16

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a YouTube video about a guy named Ken Robinson. Ken acquired a $300,000 house in a Dallas suburb using some knowledge and $16.

Ken used an outdated law to take ownership of the house. From what I’ve read, people speculate he won’t own the house permanently. Also, they don’t think he has the means to pay the property taxes.

Whether Ken being allowed to move into the house is fair or not, I’m fascinated by the way in which he manifested a house.

When you think of wanting to own a new home, chances are your thoughts go in the usual direction:

I’ll have to save more money.

I’ll have to increase my income.

I’ll need a higher credit rating.

I may need to ask someone to co-sign for a mortgage.

Maybe I should lower my standards and look for something more reasonably priced.

And on and on…

Ken’s story reminds us that we need to stop being attached to how we believe things will unfold.

Sure, you’ve heard of people who inherit a house, win one in some sort of contest, or acquire one in some crazy way like Ken did. In your logical mind, you know anything is possible, but chances are you don’t believe it is possible for you.

Actually, it is possible for you. You just need to open yourself up to having the faith to believe there are things waiting to come into your life in ways you can’t foresee just yet.

It really is as simple as asking for what you want to be brought to you in a way that is extraordinary, exciting, and comes with a sense of ease.

Imagine writing your own blog post detailing how you got your new home, first by asking, then experiencing the most crazy coincidences and chain of events that completely blew your mind and left you with a profound sense of awe and gratitude as you moved in.

Whether or not Ken stays in the house, in my opinion, doesn’t matter. I bet he is now confident in his ability to manifest big things. I bet all the media attention he got opened him up to new opportunities (like teaching people how to do what he did). I bet after living in a beautiful home, Ken will do what he can to continue manifesting luxury in his life.

Check out his story:

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12 thoughts on “How Ken Robinson Manifested a $300,000 House For $16”

  1. I have concerns about this particular manifestation. I watched the video and although the gentleman is legally within his rights to move into the house the neighbors are NOT happy.

    I worry for this man. The other homeowners are unhappy, angry and if they don’t get satisfaction through the legal system…I wonder…will they take matters into their own hands.

    I’m going to surround all people involved with love light!!!!

    1. Hi Ava!
      The same thoughts you have went through my mind as well when I first saw the video. After giving it some thought, I got the sense the neighbors won’t do anything to harm him because of all the media attention Ken, and the neighborhood, has gotten.
      I never got the sense Ken manifested the house with ill intent and brought negative energy to the neighborhood. Let’s hope his actions bring good things to him and bring about good things for his neighbors.

  2. So how exactly did he manifest this? Did he have it on a vision board or this simply a stretch to use an example?

    And it does matter if he keeps the house if you are using as a law of attraction example, doesn’t it?

    1. Hi Rob!

      I guess it all comes down to the way in each we all perceive what the law of attraction is. I don’t know if he had a vision board or not, but from the looks of things he did have the desire to own a home. He put that desire out there and was able to get one in an unusual way.

      Does it matter if he keeps the house? I suppose that would depend on what kind of experience he wants. Maybe he desired to live in a huge house, but now that he has the opportunity, he may realize there it more to it than he realized and now wants to manifest a smaller house. Or, now that he is in this house, he is wanting to manifest more real estate. The point is, he had a want and he made it happen. No matter what happens with this house, chances are, he’ll keep manifesting other things.

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