How Grateful Are You For the Law of Attraction’s Power?

To express thankfulness is to appreciate that someone other than yourself is, in some part, responsible for your current pleasure, comfort, or success. Should a gift be bestowed upon you, and you express no gratefulness, how soon do you think the giver will rush to please you once more? Sometimes when we ourselves send a gift, we do want an acknowledgment of it, if only to ascertain that the gift did in fact arrive. I often wonder where the courtesy of a thank you note has gone. I suppose in these times it could at least be a thank you email! Should not the child, who has received a gift, be taught to take some time and thank the giver?

How then, if we ourselves appreciate a mention of thanks when we give a gift, do we not take the time to express heartfelt gratitude to the Power that causes all true gifts to be received? An attitude of gratitude must be cultivated if we wish to maintain an open line to the Law of Attraction for receiving greater and more numerous gifts.

Do you go through your day barely noticing the wonderful little miracles that come your way, or chalking the ones you do notice up to coincidences? Please realize, there are no accidents! To a Power that is infinite, such as the Law of Attraction, measuring miracles is futile. Begin to notice, and especially appreciate, each and every lovely event that enriches your life. A series of green lights, a great parking space, running into a long lost friend, all these and countless others occur regularly to those who are in tune with the positive, and thankful for it.

Allow me to paraphrase a beautiful quote from Thomas Secker, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1758-1768: `He who is thankful for the common things will enjoy many great things. A grateful mind is a great mind.’ How true. Don’t brush past the sweet, albeit small, successes in your daily life.  Adopt an attitude of gratitude, and discover the boundless good that waits to carry you onto greater delights day by day.

`When gratitude overflows the swelling heart, and breathes in free and uncorrupted praise for benefits received, propitious heaven takes such acknowledgment as fragrant incense, and doubles all its blessings.’

This quote, from George Lillo, moralist playwright  from the early 1700s, really sums it up. Be grateful for the small, and begin to receive it all!

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