How Does The Law of Attraction Work?

Have you always been the type of individual who had to know the `how’ of things? Congratulations, people like you are constantly coming up with inventions to improve the world for those of us who are content to know that something does work, and not why! The simplest example is electricity, I have no real idea how it works, however I certainly do appreciate and use it daily. The Law of Attraction is very much like electricity, in that many of the people who are using it daily have no real conception of the power behind it.

Think back to your high school science class. Remember learning that energy, in any of it’s many forms, can not be destroyed. Also, energy, in and of itself, has no propensity for perceiving `good or evil’ it simply `is’. Without getting too deep into the atoms, and molecular level of energy, suffice to say that the Law of Attraction is a law of nature, as real as gravity, and whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, and put it to good use in your life, or not, it will not cease to be real. Does the Law of Attraction mix science and spirituality too much for your taste? Well, consider the words of Carl Sagan, arguably one of the greatest scientific minds of the twentieth century, on this subject: `Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.’.

In the 1960s and 1970s, there was a conciseness of the `vibes’ one was giving off. Good vibes meant you were in tune with nature and your fellow man. Bad vibes, on the other hand, was a sign you were out of balance, uptight, and not with it. Even the Beach Boys, wildly popular singing group of that era, were in tune to the power of the vibes, as their song, Good Vibrations  showed. Our own emotions, either positive or negative, are the energy that fuel our vibrations. The Law of Attraction responds to our own energy, our moods and emotions, and simply mirrors them back to us, in a sense. Responding to our vibrations, the Law of Attraction gives us back what we are putting out, and multiplies it. Attitudes of gratitude, contentment, joy, pride, and peace, will be returned to us in greater degrees, however, unfortunately, the reverse is just as true. Send out bad vibes, anger, ingratitude, resentment, hatred, and so on, and that is what you will be receiving back, again, in even greater force than you put out. It is vitally important for you to be aware of the vibrations you are sending out. Dwell on things that please, excite and inspire you, and give no room in your mind for the negative.

Think of your heart and mind as a dinner plate. There is a buffet, and you can go through as often as you like, however you must eat everything you place on your plate each time you pass through. Are you likely to choose spoiled, sour and foul smelling foods, or will you choose the sweet, tender, and freshest things available from the abundance? The latter I hope! Well, that is how our hearts and minds are, there is only room for so much, so please don’t waste space, and therefore energy, on that which brings no pleasure. As you begin to be more aware of your own vibrations, and how to consistently adjust them towards the positive, you will invite the power of the Law of Attraction to perform mighty acts of  benefit in your life.

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