Help! I Can’t Attract Jack!

Public knowledge of the Law of Attraction has opened new worlds for everyone.  It is easy for anyone to learn how to attract the things they want into their lives.  Some of you, however, may be feeling that you are having more difficulty in seeing any progress.  Don’t worry, let’s go over a few things you should work on in order to begin seeing success in your attractions.

First of all, are you doubting yourself?  Do you doubt that what you desire can be attracted to you?  Having doubt isn’t the real issue, but negative thinking is.  If you are placing worry, stress or lots of negative thought around what you are trying to attract, then you are working against yourself.  “Oh, I can’t really have that.  It would be nice, but I don’t deserve it” or “it’s not really possible” or “it hasn’t happened yet, why should it now?”  This type of thinking can run in the background of your day, lending more and more energy in the manifestation of your desire not manifesting.  Very counterproductive, but easily fixed.  Whenever you catch yourself becoming negative, stop and turn your thoughts to something else entirely. 

Secondly, are you telling everybody what you are trying to do?  Other people’s expectations and opinions about what you are doing may be affecting the outcome.  You may be catching subtle clues that they expect you to fail, and therefore set up a situation in which you do fail.  Maybe some of them actually put a lot of negative thinking against what you are working on.  In any event, keep your efforts to yourself.  You have enough to deal with just learning to get out of your own way!

Finally, are you focusing on your desires, or are you actually guilty of focusing on a stair step towards your desire?  If you are trying to manifest money, you are very likely guilty of this.  Money is meaningless.  Freedom of time, energy, and the ability to have whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want is a true desire.  Money is the means by which that desire may be met.  Make sure you are focusing on the freedom of time or freedom from stress rather than on the money. 

Also make sure that you are visualizing positives rather than negatives.  Do not work on “I do not want to work any more”, as this only affirms that you will continue working.  Instead, work on “My time is completely free and belongs entirely to me; I enjoy my freedom of time.”  The Law of Attraction can’t distinguish a negative from a positive, and will give you whatever you focus on.  If you focus on not wanting something, you are still focusing on that something, and you will get it.

If you begin working with the steps given above, you will find that the Law of Attraction is working for you.  Finally, you can begin to experience the success you had hoped for.  Good luck, and happy manifesting!

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