Goals are like driving cars.

To perform well in life, you must have very clear goals

The Bible says that a person who is not focused is like a ship without a rudder or a sail boat that drifts wherever the wind takes it.

Having clear goals is very essential when you plan to start your own business.

Setting goals is more than just wishful thinking. If you think you can succeed just by hoping or by doing ‘stuff’ until things turn out right, then you are dead wrong. A goal setter is different from a wishful thinker. You get places when you have a very clear intention on where you are heading.

When your goal is very clear, all your actions are aligned to it. You tend to understand better what ‘works’ towards your goal and what other tasks are merely distractions.

People with goals are like a person driving a car. They KNOW where they want to head and they will plot out the road on the map. They will pick the routes that will get them there the fastest.

A person without goals will be like a person driving without a destination in mind. When we compare a person without goals, it becomes very clear that it is quite idiotic to hop in the car and just ‘drive’. Unless your intention is clearly to go for a spin, you will just spin round and round resulting in wasted time, wasted resources (imagine wasting a gallon of gas going nowhere), and all that effort leads to delusion.

Now that we have established the mindset of a good goal setter, we need to equip ourselves with the right tools or the right vehicle to succeed.

Back to the car analogy, having a clear goal is merely the first step towards success. You are very clear where wanted to go, but if your road map is wrong, you will never get to your destination. You may be very motivated about your goal of ‘getting there’ but you just won’t get there. You can have a positive attitude about it, but you will still fail to reach your destination (however, your attitude may be so positive, you probably wouldn’t mind).

Lastly, we need to set a specific timeline for our goals.

If you set a goal to ‘lose weight’ ‘someday’, that day will never come. Your goals are not only unrealistic, but it is also unspecific. You don’t have a specific plan when to start your exercise. Procrastination sets in. You tend to put off your action plan because someday, you are going to lose weight. The whole plan is futile.

If you do not set a specific goal as in WHEN (such as losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks) and HOW (going to the gym every 3 days), you will most likely fail to accomplish your goals.

Bear in mind, that even if we fail to meet the deadline of accomplishing the goal, you do not fail. It is not the end. The goal and the direction are still there but you are merely adjusting the timeframe to accomplish your goals in the end.

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