Giving to receive

Make a giving and receiving list

One of the lists to make on your path to prosperity is a prosperity list. That is a list of items that you want that will help you achieve prosperity. Another list you should have is a list of giving and receiving.

When you give write it down. This could be a gift of money to a charity, your time to a worthwhile organization, or even purchasing a meal for someone you know was having a tough week. Then make a note of how that giving comes back to you. It could be an unexpected gift that you receive, a refund check you didn’t know you had coming, or even a letter from an old friend you thought you had lost contact with.

Be Thankful

Be appreciative when you receive these gifts, and make sure to be thankful.

If you got a present from someone, or if you were the recipient of a free lunch, make sure to send a thank you note to the person who was so giving to you.  By giving back, in thanks, you are keeping the cycle of giving going.  If the giving energy is stopped, so will the receiving be.

This is much like any other aspect of life. Consider being at work and not enjoying your working environment anymore. You are no longer putting positive energy into the environment, and in return you are getting less and less positive energy back, and you find yourself looking for a way to escape the workplace.

The same is true in relationships. If you have a couple and one partner is more giving than the other, the energy that is going back and forth will get weaker and weaker, until the relationship ends because the energy being given is not being returned.

If you find you are starting to feel stagnant at work, at home, at church, or in any other of your endeavors, try giving into the relationship. Put positive energy out, give of yourself in some way, either though money, time or other forms of energy, and see if it doesn’t start coming back to you.

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