Generosity and Law of Attraction

One good way to use the Law of Attraction to bring more money into your life is by making a regular habit to give to others.  You can certainly donate money to worthwhile charities, but also think about creative ways to contribute to society as a whole.  Whether you’re helping an elderly neighbor with strenuous tasks or volunteering as a mentor for children, you are putting out positive vibrations that will be mirrored in your own life.

There are three important considerations to keep in mind if you want to create a natural flow of abundance through generosity:

•    Give only what you can afford to give.  Many people make the mistake of thinking that by giving more they’ll receive more back, but such a tactic rarely works.  Going on a “giving binge” will deplete your own existing resources and set you up for feelings of anxiety and fear if you don’t see a return right away.  You then reverse any positive trends you started by giving!  Instead of giving more than you have try expanding your perception of how much is needed to make a positive contribution.  If you can only afford to give one dollar, or 30 minutes of your time every week, then do that.  Imagine the ways your contributions are helping others, and allow yourself to feel good about it.  Affirm that when you have more you will definitely give more. 

•    Be discerning about when and what you give.  As important as many causes are, there are far too many for you to be able to help all of them.  Instead, make a list of a few that are very important to you.  Or create a longer list and rotate them every so often.  Even better, ask the universe to guide you to opportunities to help where it is most needed.  When you feel a strong inner urge to help a particular person, family or organization – listen to that urge!  Your intuition will not steer you wrong, and you may end up discovering a great opportunity to serve.  Giving in this way can be immensely more powerful than taking a random approach.

•    Let go of ALL thoughts about receiving compensation.  Doing something with an expectation of what you’ll receive in return will not usually work the way you intend.  Instead, make a strong intention to give to others simply because it feels wonderful to do so.  Let each activity be its own reward by choosing to focus ONLY on what you can do for others.  The more you can adopt a completely selfless mind-set when giving to others, the more surprising and unexpected – and powerful – your results will be when you do receive something back from the universe.

Whatever you do, don’t worry about how long it might take to start seeing a return, and release any expectations of how a return comes to you.  Just because you give money doesn’t mean you will receive money back.  Be open to all kinds of blessings, even those that might show up in disguises. 

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