Four secrets every winner knows.

1. Winners know they must overcome the short term mind set.

Winner know that in order to succeed in any field of Endeavour  it’s essential to overcome the short term mind  set and focus on the long term benefits.

Winners don’t give into the pursuit of short term pleasure to the detriment of their long term goals. Also winners don’t try to avoid actions or tasks that involve short term pain or effort, but are crucial to their long term success.

Would be athletes  must be willing to endure the short term pain of intensive training and give up the short term pleasure of spending time with their mates if they are to have a good chance at succeeding

Dieters must forego the short term pleasure of cream cakes and embrace the pain of regular exercise if they want to reach their goal weights.

What ever you want to achieve in life you must learn overcome the short term mindset by focusing intensely on the long term benefits.

2. Winner set goals

Winner know you have to set goals and targets to give yourself direction and focus, they know they must have  both major life shaping goals to give a destination  and short term goals to act as stepping stones.

Winners know that their major long term goals must be in place first and then their short term goals must be added as stepping stones needed to reach their final destinations. There’s little point in setting short term goals if you don’t know your final destination.

Winner know that if at any point they decide they have miscalculated or circumstances have changed and they would be happier with a different destination , they can change directions. They also know if you don’t a have goal or destination you won’t even know when you following the wrong path.

3. Winner know you must have a plan.

No architect worth his salt would ever attempt to build any sort of building without a detailed plan not even a shed or a dog kennel. So why do so many people go though life with no sort of plan.

Ever winner has followed a plan a set of instructions and sub goals all leading to the ultimate fulfillment of their major lifetime goals.  Ever winner researches his chosen field be it a business or a sport and gets all the facts, insider information, tip and techniques he needs.

Every winner learns the key skills they will require to implement their plan, every winner also knows that at times he will need a helping hand and cultivates a network of experts in his field.

Ever winner is however aware that they are the architect of their plans and they can redraw them if necessary adding and removing rooms to meet changing circumstances.

Every winner know that there’s a time to stop planning and setting goals and start taking action. Without being reckless and after testing the waters, every winner has been willing to commit themselves to massive action in order to reach his goals.

4. Winners aren’t quitters but they aren’t stubborn fools either

Winners aren’t quitters they don’t fold at the first obstacle and most winners have failed many times on the road to success. Winners just dust themselves off and have another go or try a different tack. They know persistence has its rewards.

Winners aren’t quitters but there’re not stubborn fools either. If they run into a brick wall they don’t turn around and go home. Nor do they keep banging their head against the wall trying to break though, no they will give that wall 1 or 2 good bangs, because sometime a very solid looking wall crumbles to dust under a little pressure. If the wall stays standing they still won’t quit they will try to find a way over, dig there way under or simply look for a door.

Winners don’t quit but they don’t stubbornly repeat the same nonproductive actions over and over again.

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One thought on “Four secrets every winner knows.”

  1. Great post. I agree with the list and just want to add that the fourth point is critical. Winners know how many times to bang into a wall before giving up. Not every time hitting it once is enough. Winners also know that getting knocked down is a good thing it builds character and resilience. It makes getting up the next time easier or better yet teaches you how avoid getting knocked down in the first place!
    Ron Hurst

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