Finding Your True Intent

Often, when you do not have the success with the Law of Attraction that you hope for, it is because you have not properly ironed out your true intent.  Maybe you didn’t make that million dollars you wanted.  But do you really want a million dollars, or do you want the peace of mind that comes from financial freedom?  Is it the money, or is it the car, house, and lifestyle?  Let’s look at how finding your true intent can allow you to succeed in manifesting your desires.

The true course of the Law of Attraction is that when you focus your energy on something, you manifest it into your reality.  The speed with which this happens, and in fact whether it happens at all, depends entirely on the amount of energy focused on your desire.  When you focus on a “how-to”, confusing it with your desire, you can not truly gather enough energy to have the easy, free-flowing success that the Law of Attraction promises.  Instead, you need to learn to look more deeply into what you are attempting to attract, and focus on the true intent.  This way you gain far more emotional energy and the Law of Attraction tends to work far more easily and quickly for you. 

Many of you have tried attracting money, with very mixed results.  Sure, if you focus long and hard enough on money, you will attract it.  The amount of effort in comparison to the amount of money manifested will not be desirable, however.  If, on the other hand, you focus on gaining freedom of time and energy to pursue other interests, you may find that with minimal effort, you are manifesting loads of money without even trying.  Money is most likely the means to your end, and that is where we get confused.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is responsible for the “how” of your desire’s manifestation.  All you need to focus on is the desire itself.  Our trained, over-educated, rat-race human minds are in the habit of working in a certain fashion, and for us that means that often times we will latch onto our perceived means, rather than the desire itself.  Attempting to manifest money when you want financial freedom is a perfect example.  Or you may be attempting to attract a certain person rather than attracting a loving relationship.  You may be attempting to defeat a sickness rather than trying to attract health.  There are a lot of ways in which this mental flaw can show up, so get in the habit of analyzing your main focus before spending lots of time attempting to attract it.  Make sure you trace your desires down to the source, and use that as your visualization focus.

Rather than imagining rolling in cash, imagine relaxing on the beach, and long, leisurely vacations.  Imagine playing music, or writing books, or spending more time with your family.  Whatever the real desire is, focus on that!  We are too accustomed to working towards the means, rather than looking directly at the ends. 

This is one small adjustment to your practices that can yield tremendous achievements in your manifestation work.  Now that you know what hasn’t been working, and how to correct it, get busy visualizing exactly what you truly desire!

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