Empowering Your Visualizations With Meditation

Did you know that you could have far more success with the Law of Attraction if you learned just a little bit about meditation?  Would it be worth it to you to find yourself becoming more and more successful with your manifestation efforts?  All you need is a small amount of time each day for a week or two, and you can learn to meditate.  When visualizing from a meditative state, you will get vastly greater results.

First of all, this simple meditation I am describing is little more than learning to consciously enter a light trance.  In a light trance, your brainwaves slow down to alpha levels, your body slows down a bit and relaxes greatly, and your conscious and subconscious minds merge ever so slightly more so than in your normal waking state.  Being in this state will allow you to have more success with the Law of Attraction than you may be used to.  So beware, learning to visualize from a state of trance might just change your life for the better!

In fact, it has been proven that many creative people move into an alpha state when they are being creative, be that by writing, playing music, painting, etc.  Getting into an alpha state is not difficult.  It’s something that happens to you many times each day.  Whenever you “zone out” or “get into the zone” or were “entirely focused on what you were doing”, you were most likely in an alpha state.  The trick is to learn to move voluntarily into that state and to use it in a productive manner.

The cool thing about altered states is that once you learn to go into them and practice a little, you will be able to put yourself into them almost immediately.  Begin by relaxing your body, part by part, for about 10 minutes.  Relax your toes, relax your feet, relax your legs.  Relax your stomach, relax your chest, relax your neck.  Relax your upper arms, lower arms, and hands.  Relax your facial muscles.  Feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed.

At a certain point in relaxation, you will feel a very subtle shift as your body and mind slow down.  You will feel very pleasant, and very relaxed.  This is the alpha state.  You can reach this state with eyes open or shut, but you may want to practice with your eyes shut so that your senses’ ability to distract you is minimized. 

Practice entering this state for a few days, and before long you will find yourself able to move into it at will.  When you are in this state, many activities will be enhanced.  Creative activities, like art or music or writing, are greatly stimulated in this state.  More important to us right now though, visualization for manifestation is enhanced.  By using the alpha state, your manifestation efforts will yield fruit more rapidly than when you attempt to visualize in your usual, hectic waking state of mind.  Give it a try and log your results.  You will find that the difference is enormous!

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