Eliminate Stagnation to Make Room for Prosperity

In order to create greater prosperity in your life, you need to first eliminate any stagnant circumstances that may create blockages.  Stagnation can take many forms, but think of it as anything that has fallen into disrepair, disuse, neglect, or lost the sparkle and vitality it once had.

These situations can block any attempts you make to create a more abundant lifestyle.  It’s like inviting friends to your home, and then piling a bunch of stuff in front of the door so they can’t enter.  Clutter and disharmony will block prosperity from entering your life in the same way.

In order to eliminate stagnation from your life, you need to be firm and efficient about it.  This can be challenging because you may have emotional attachments to some of your clutter, but if you keep in mind that you are clearing away the old to make way for something new and better, it makes the process less painful.

Begin by first identifying things and situations that are no longer serving you.

Take a look at your physical surroundings.  Do you have a lot of physical clutter in your home, car and workplace?  Not only can this clutter pose a blockage for what you really want to create in your life, it can result in cloudy thoughts, depression, lethargy and a sense of constriction.

Get rid of the physical clutter in your life.  Donate clothing and possessions that are no longer needed.  Clean and organize your surroundings as much as possible, putting away things you want to keep and clearing away any debris.  Wash the windows, sweep the floor, and dust all surfaces so they are clean and shiny.  This activity alone can make you feel so empowered that you will gladly take on the bigger challenges below.

Now give some thought to your financial life.  Is it out of balance?  Do you have subscriptions to magazines you no longer read?  Online memberships you no longer use?  Are your credit cards maxed out?  When was the last time you balanced your checkbook?  Do you have a lot of past-due bills gathering dust in a drawer?

TAKE CHARGE of your financial situation!  It’s very easy to ignore this type of stagnation because it seems so overwhelming, but keep in mind that you don’t have to resolve every situation immediately – just have a plan in place for doing so.  Set up a payment plan with creditors, create a budget and stick to it, reduce unnecessary spending, start a savings account – these small actions will go a long way in creating greater peace of mind, and calling in greater prosperity.

Finally, consider your emotional and spiritual balance.  Are you clinging to old relationships or grudges that don’t serve your highest good?  Are you stuck in self-defeating habits and activities?  Do you feel empty and aimless much of the time?  Do you yearn for a stronger spiritual connection?

Address these situations in the same firm way you did with your physical surroundings and financial clutter.  Be willing to let go of anything that detracts or distracts from what you really want.  Come up with a plan to resolve anything that makes you feel dissatisfied, and begin making changes in those areas.

This de-cluttering process may seem like a massive undertaking at first, but once you get moving it becomes downright exhilarating!  Before you know it, good things start flowing into your life as if by magic – all because you simply made room for them.

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