Easy Goal Setting

In our busy lives, it is difficult to keep track of all of the things we mean to do.  Whether for our business, personal hobbies, or even Law of Attraction desires, we need to set goals in a way that allows us to remain focused even as daily life fluxes constantly around us.  Goal setting is a powerful way to begin accomplishing the things you desire, as you can remain focused and see things through to completion.  Let’s discuss some simple tactics for setting goals and sticking to them.

First, choose the sector you are interested in organizing.  This might be business goals, personal goals, family goals, or manifestation goals.  Actually, the Law of Attraction works equally well with any of the above sectors.  Now get out a piece of paper and divide it into four quadrants.  Label the top left quadrant “Immediate/Crucial”, the top right quadrant “Needed/Soon”, and the bottom left quadrant “Important/Eventually”.  Mark the bottom right quadrant “Additions”. 

Obviously, there is no quadrant for unnecessary, so don’t write down any goals that you don’t feel any real urgency or desire to see met.  Write your most important, pressing goals in the top left, then the other important ones you need quickly in the rop right.  For the bottom left, write down goals that are maybe less important right now or that you would like to get going eventually.  After creating your list and prioritizing, new goals will pop up.  Add them to quadrant four, and when you open spaces in quadrants one, two, or three, depending on the new goal’s priority, move it into the correct box.

At this point try not to have more than five or at most ten goals in each of the three primary quadrants.  The next thing you need to do is to go through each quadrant and number the goals in order of descending priority.  The most important and crucial goal is 1, and the rest are numbered down.  Once you have prioritized each of your three primary quadrants, you need to get to work.  Your first priority is of course to deal with quadrant one.  Focus on your number one priority and do not multitask!  Work on that main priority until either you can do no more or it is entirely finished.  Then immediately move to the next item on your “Immediate/Crucial” list. 

Now here’s the tricky part.  You need to set aside at least one or two hours each day or two to focus on lower-priority goals.  During this time, work on the highest priority goal in quadrant 2 and also the highest-priority goal in quadrant 3.  Spend either half an hour or a full hour on each.  Continue this every day or two until you have knocked them out.  Then use this time to move down to the next item on the list. 

Whenever you clear an item in any of the three quadrants, look to your “Additions” quadrant.  Find anything in there that can replace the item you have just finished, and move it into that quadrant.  You may want to reprioritize at this point, or you can simply bump this new item into the last spot. 

By keeping a tangible list of your goals, you can remain focused on what you need to be working on at all times.  Take a little time to knock out the less time-sensitive goals, as they will otherwise remain in the background while more crucial conerns are dealt with.  In this way you will be able to work your way through each of your goals in a timely manner, and by not multi-tasking or working on more than one goal per quadrant until completion (or until you can’t move forward any more), you will start to see the list shrink.  This is a very efficient time-management technique, and can be used for anything in your life. 

Keep a special goal sheet for your manifestation efforts.  Keep the biggest items in the first quadrant, the items you’d like to manifest soon in quadrant two, and the “wouldn’t it be nice” items in quadrant three.  Work on them in the same fashion.

Getting organized with your goals is half the battle. 

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