Don’t overlook opportunity

Have you ever looked at a sunbeam coming through a windowpane and seen all the little specks in the light? Consider those specks opportunity.  Some may just think of them as dust, something that is just getting in the way, static in an already busy world, but if you look closely you may see more in some of those specks. You may be able to see a shape, a design, or even feel it is almost a divine presence casting a ray of light into the room. 

This is the way you should look at many of the things in life.  If you brush off the things that are not familiar to you as things that are just in the way, you may be passing on little things that will help you on your path to prosperity.

Instead, look at everything in life as a possibility, let yourself get excited about the small things that are happening day to day as well as the big events you know may make a change in your path.

The more energy you put into even small things, the more you are capable of getting out of them. Look for the positive energy in everything, and add your own to make it even stronger.

When you get together with your family and friends, put more enthusiasm into the exchanges, and see how much more energy you get back, and how much more emotionally charged your encounters are.

You may even notice eventually that you are the one drawing people in. They see your energy and want to be near that positive energy.  But in order to be a part of it, they will be putting their positive energy into the mix, hoping to get a return on that investment. Their positive energy is now a positive feeling that you will receive and leave the conversation or encounter with, as a feeling of fulfillment. You also may have met a new person who now may be able to help you on your path to prosperity.

This philosophy works in all arenas, at church, home, and work.  As you open yourself up to more positive experiences, and put more of your positive energy into it, you will be repaid by energy and possibly new channels you did not know existed before.

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