Don’t limit the channels to prosperity

Too many people have a mental limit on the channels by which prosperity can come to them.  They often have been set into a belief that you get money and prosperity by getting a job and working you way up the corporate ladder, hoping for raises as you go.  This is not the only way to be prosperous. 

Business is indeed a channel.  Getting a raise and being offered a better job are ways to be prosperous, but there are also many other channels that you need to keep open as part of your path to prosperity.

People are also a channel.  Through people one can get connections to a better career, be the recipient of benefits or be guided to prosperity in another way.  It could be as simple as you needing a new appliance for your home. While you were expecting to pay $500 for it, someone you encountered while discussing the purchase knew where to go to get the same item for $300. You have just been given a gift of $200 dollars through that channel.

Not believing people are channels can work against you.  For example, picture a husband and wife who do not think of each other as a channel to prosperity. When it comes time to make large purchases or decisions to make them more financially secure, their belief that the other is not a channel to prosperity could manifest itself by one losing a job, or a family emergency that costs more money, reversing their step to becoming more financially secure.

Another channel is gifts.  If you are open to this channel, when you know you are in need of something, that channel will often open up and deliver exactly what you were hoping for. 

Don’t limit the channels on your path to prosperity.  Notice when they open to you, and thank them.  Bless all the channels that are open to you, and always ask the universe to open new channels. Also make sure you are ready to be open when those new channels deliver prosperity to you.

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