Does the Law of Attraction Require Departure From Religion?

The quick answer here is: Certainly Not! Now, for many of you, that affirmation will suffice, but this article is being directed at those of you who aren’t quite sure you are `allowed’ to call upon the Law of Attraction and still remain faithful to your religious beliefs. It has been deeply ingrained in your very soul that your particular set of spiritual guidelines would never approve of such wanton self absorbed desires, and that no individual faithfully living out a Judeo-Christian life style would become caught up in such an obviously New-Age philosophy. Mind over matter? Thoughts are things? Believe it and receive it? Cries of blasphemy will ring out as loud as the bells of Notre Dame all across the fruited plains, as denominational church leaders fear their sheep will run off to greener pastures if they are allowed to practice this heresy.

But what does the Bible really teach about success? Consider Abraham, one of the wealthiest men alive in his time, and yet a man of enormous faith and love for God. King Solomon, perhaps the richest man to ever live, was also the wisest, and his faith in God, although he departed from it at times, was an overriding influence in his life. Biblical examples of great wealth and deep faith in God are many, and yet, somehow the idea that it is more blessed to be poor is a prevalent one. Now, please understand, if you are called to a life of service, such as Mother Theresa was, where finances hold no personal meaning for you I applaud your devoted heart. However, do you realize there were people who so valued The good Mother’s work that she herself never needed to be concerned with such worldly worries as bills, and so forth?

The Bible’s instructions are to `Do all things as though doing them unto the Lord’. Do you suppose `all’ means `all’? If so, then `all’ includes investing wisely, acquiring property, developing and nurturing healthy personal relationships, and ultimately encourages success in all we set our minds to.

Here is an excerpt from the Bible, Proverbs chapter 31, a study in the virtuous woman:

`She rises before her servants; She considers a field and buys it, and with her profits she plants a vineyard’.

The model of a godly woman, and she has servants? She buys and sells land for profit? Oh my, what next?

Napoleon Hill, author of many success inspiring books including the classic must read, `Think and Grow Rich’, was a devout Christian, and yet he never believed his drive for success, and vision to help others achieve it, held any conflict with his faith. Today, some of the greatest names in Christianity are themselves quite wealthy, so free your soul from the bondage of fear in this area. God has promised to bestow upon you the desires of your heart, if only you dare to ask. You have not, because you ask not! Call it what you will, the Law of Attraction exists, it always has, and it always will, since it stands outside of our conception of time. Whether or not you choose to apply this awesome truth to your life is entirely up to you, I pray you will judge wisely.

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  1. The Law of Attraction was introduced to me as a child from my wonderful Catholic School Nuns, and the Master key was required reading in College.
    The Law of attraction has allowed me to prosper very comfortably for the past 6 decades.
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