Do You Deserve Prosperity?

While you may immediately answer yes to this question, your verbal answer is not your whole being answer.  Somewhere inside, is part of you reluctant to answer, or not quite sure? You know you want prosperity, and would like a life of prosperity, but when it comes down to it, do you question whether or not you really deserve it?

Even if this unsure side of you is never spoken, it is affecting your attempts to gain prosperity.  When you ask the universe to bring you abundance, but inside really don’t think you deserve it, the universe knows. It can see your deepest and darkest thoughts.

So you need to let your mind and the universe know that you deserve to have money in abundance.

Start treating yourself like you’re worth a million dollars.

Do you have a special, expensive, bottle of cologne that is only supposed to be for special occasions?  You may use it a few times a year when something important is happening, but then put it on the back of the shelf to save it.  Stop saving it. You are worth that expensive cologne every day.  Use it regularly, and as you do think, “I am worth all the most luxurious and special things in the world, and I deserve to experience these things every day.”

Are you a wine connoisseur, but only buy what is on sale when it comes to something for you to drink at home.  Yet, when you have guests coming, you splurge on them.  That is the exact opposite message you should be sending yourself.  By doing that you are saying everyone else is worth more than you are.  Change that image!  Buy those great bottles of wine for yourself.  When you open the bottle savor the scent, watch it pour into the glass and swirl it around as you would if you were testing a wine at a top restaurant.  As you taste it, tell yourself, “I deserve the richest things life has to offer.”

You must treat yourself like this regularly, remembering that you deserve the good life.  It may feel awkward at first, and you may have some guilt using all these special occasion items, but eventually your being will start to feel comfortable with these riches. You will realize it is all right for you to have abundance. Once you make that realization, you have opened the door for abundance to come to you.

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