Do You Know What You Want & Do You Want What You Know?

When I was an intuitive counselor, I had a client who works as an editor on a popular TV show. Her job is demanding and extremely stressful. Each time she’d call me for a session, she’d ask if I could see another job in her future.

Beyond wanting another job, she also wanted to create her own film projects, not have to live in Los Angeles, and not have to work for anyone else or deal with office drama again.

I told her I saw her having the opportunity to work for an independent company in which she would be one of many editors. She’d be working on various projects. She would be encouraged to do her own projects and her co-workers would pitch in to help (as she would help them).

I encouraged her to mentally toy with the idea of having the kind of success she wanted and see herself being able to live where she wanted and have the freedom to create the way she wanted while not having to endure the extreme stress her current job had brought into her life.

She told me it all sounded great, but the truth is, she didn’t believe it was possible.

From her perspective:

-Her age (being over 50) limited her

-Opportunities in the TV industry were limited

-To work in film, you absolutely had to live in LA

-Those in power positions wouldn’t help her because editors aren’t respected

Here we are, three years later, and she is still dealing with the exact same frustration she had the first time we spoke.

The beliefs she has about what she can create for herself aren’t unfounded. They come from years of her observing how things work in the TV industry. Based on her observations, she thinks wanting something different is pretty much impossible to achieve.

Yet she wants to believe there is a slight chance she can hack the system, sort to speak, and have a career (and a life) on her own terms.

The problem is, she doesn’t know it.

Often times, when we want something that seems out of reach, the first thing that sets in is doubt.

If the “want” is something we want bad enough, we go toe-to-toe with doubt using proof as our weapon of choice.

The easiest way to gather proof is to seek out stories of people who had the same want you do and found a way to make it happen.

But at some point, proof has to turn into a strong, unshakable sense of knowing (a.k.a faith). It’s knowing that completely clears the path for the easiest journey for you to get from where you are to what you want.

How do you create that sense of knowing?

I’ll explain in the next post.

Until then, think about one thing you want. Do you know it is possible to have? Do you know you will have it?

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  1. Hey! Where’s the next post? I was really looking forward to reading it! It’s almost August and no posts since April? I hope you haven’t abandoned this endeavor–I really appreciate your work!

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