Developing a Manifestation Schedule

When you begin using the Law of Attraction, it’s easy to get sidetracked and distracted.  You might do your visualization exercises for a week or two religiously, then suddenly realize that a month has passed and you haven’t done anything.  This is common, but it is important to break this bad habit so that you can begin enjoying the fruits of your desires.  A great way to begin gaining consistency is to develop a manifestation schedule.

First, you need to look at your daily life and iron out the patterns.  This block of time is your work; this block of time is your family; this block of time is your play.  Somewhere in your day, there will be a window.  If there’s not, then you must create a window either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.  In any event, find that window (or create it) and mark it off in your mind.  This is your visualization time.  Keep in mind, weekends and weekdays can be as different as night and day.  You will probably need a different schedule for your weekend, and possibly even different schedules for Saturday and Sunday.

Once you have your windows of time marked in your mind, mark them on paper.  Put them on your calendar, in your appointment book, in your palm pilot, in Outlook, and write sticky notes to yourself to put around the house.  The most important thing is that you have daily reminders that your window of time is to be used for your Law of Attraction visualization exercises.  Once you have these constant reminders, you must remain disciplined and do your visualization exercises each day.  Keep in mind, if you dread the exercises and if they aren’t fun and relaxing, then you’re not doing them right.

And that’s the second secret to keeping your manifestation schedule: doing the exercises right.  Your Law of Attraction visualization exercises aren’t actually "exercises".  In fact, that labeling probably hurts rather than helps.  Exercises sound like work.  Visualization is play.  I want to make this as plain and simple as possible: Visualization = Daydreaming = Daydreaming = Visualization.  Remember when you were a kid and you would sit and daydream about that bike you wanted?  You need to remember how to daydream like a child.

Adults seem to think that daydreaming is wasteful and sometimes even shameful.  Time is money, right?  But daydreaming is what connects you to your imagination, and your imagination connects you deeply to your desires and emotions, and this combination of thoughts, desires and emotions is what manifests into your reality.  So by learning to daydream about what you desire, you will learn to attract it into your life.  I’m not talking about imagining what it will be like one day when you have money.  This is the wrong way to go about it (as any kid can tell you).  You need to imagine yourself having the money, the car, the dream job, the house, NOW.  Imagine that you already have what you want, and are enjoying it.  This is the part so many people get wrong.

By visualizing in the present rather than in the future, you manifest in the present.  What good is anything you want if you manifest it in the future?  What you manifest in that case is that you are going to have it someday.  Quick hint – someday never comes – it’s always only today. 

Keep a regular, daily schedule with your Law of Attraction "work", and make sure you are enjoying it!  This is the secret to successful attraction.

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