Deprogramming and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction offers the possibility of having anything and everything you want.  A happy, exciting life, full of freedom and adventure, await you.  But first there are a few things needed in order to take advantage of this powerful Law.  Let’s look at how we can begin deprogramming our minds to enable ourselves to open up to the vast, infinite potential that awaits us in life.

Our minds hold a lot of beliefs about reality that are not ours.  They are inherited beliefs, taught to us by our parents, teachers, friends, and other outside sources when we were young and easily influenced.  These imprints, left by other people, continue to run our lives to this day, and it’s time we began to set them aside and replace them with our own beliefs and notions about reality and the way things work.

The best way to deprogram a mind is simply to reprogram it with new information.  You have a million chances each day to do so.  The first thing I would highly recommend is to get away from the news.  Get away from newspapers, news shows, news websites, celebrity news, political news, all news.  Negativity sells, and the News is a business.  If they don’t sell their magazines, newspapers, or advertising slots, they lose their forum, so the news has become saturated with negativity.  When you indulge yourself daily in soaking this negativity into your mind, you are creating perfect conditions to lower your energy and attract loads of unwanted, unpleasant experiences into your life.  The world will not end if you stop reading the news for one week, so try it out for a week.  Make a commitment to remain completely ignorant of the newest, biggest news stories.  At first you may hate the idea of this, but like all habits, ingesting negative information every day will be tricky to break.

Next, find a new outlet for your newly freed time.  Whether you want to express yourself creatively or ingest other information, find something constructive to do.  Paint, play music, or read up a little on quantum physics.  There is nothing more exciting than coming to the point in a quantum physics book where the Law of Attraction becomes apparent and obvious in our underlying reality, so if you have nothing better to do, start learning about this.  If that’s a bit dry for you, find some positive fiction, preferably fantasy or science fiction, which takes you away into an exciting, beautiful reality that you can enjoy and connect to.

Simply by changing your information intake from dreary, negative information to fun, imaginative information, you are already beginning to reprogram the way that your mind operates.  Keep this up if only for a week, and you will begin to see changes in your daily life.  You will feel more peaceful, more blissful, and far less stressed.  Even if something is blowing up at work, you will find yourself more focused and able to deal with things rather than becoming overwhelmed with stress. 

If you can keep this regimen up long-term, you will find a permanent, positive shift in your life.   Things you enjoy in your fantasy readings will begin seeping into your life, and things you have hated about the world you live in will no longer affect you, or even be attracted to you in the first place.  You can’t change the world itself, but you can certainly change what reality sector of the world you live in.  By reprogramming yourself with positive, infinite potential, you will deprogram your limited, unhappy thinking.  This will change your world.

Go ahead.  Try it for just one week.  What have you got to lose?

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