Debt is Not Prosperity

Appearances are not everything.  While you can use your credit cards to by a number of great items to look more successful and prosperous, getting into debt is not part of the path to prosperity. Getting into debt is negative, and negativity will move you in the wrong direction.

Instead of spiraling into debt trying to act as if you are already prosperous, you need to open the path to truly becoming prosperous.

You need to create money, or create channels for money to come to you, and use that money to purchase the items you want.

Think back to when you were a child, a few pieces of scrap fabric could have been an amazing evening gown when you visualized it, or a little toy car could have become a top of the line vehicle, with you at the wheel.  A child’s imagination is not much different than visualization.  Children do not see boundaries to what they can become, or what they can accomplish. Everything is a possibility, and they don’t see obstacles in their way to their fantasy goals.

Setting your path to prosperity is not very different.  You need to retrain yourself to visualize the completion of the goal.  It could be to have all the money you need and never been in want.   Saying you want to have the money is not enough, you must see yourself with that money. Picture yourself in a situation where you can buy the things you want, with cash. Where as you spend, the numbers in your bank account never go down. You must actually be able to see yourself spending, and then see that the balance is still unchanged and there is more than enough money to pay for all the things you need. There is nothing you want you cannot have.

There is a path available to that goal, although that path is not always clear. If you have done your affirmations and denials and are still having a tough time finding your path to prosperity, you can always ask for guidance. Ask to be shown the way.

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