Creating Reality

Impatience can be your worst enemy when utilizing the Law of Attraction for prosperity. 

Many who are waiting for the universe to manifest their requests start to doubt it and then muck up the whole system.

Instead, create the reality that your request to the universe is trying to manifest.

Instead of saying, "I am awaiting an increase of prosperity in my life," say "I am enjoying the prosperity that is already coming into my life."

Changing just a few words has changed the entire meaning, feeling and impact of that statement from one of a person who is hopeful that they deserve a gift to one who knows they deserve a gift, knows it is coming and is just awaiting the arrival.

Making the manifestation of a desire become part of your life truth will speed up and solidify what you have asked the universe for.  It will also change how you respond to the world, and lead to a smoother delivery of your prosperity request.

If you are acting as if prosperity and success have already come to you, that mind power is already changing your psyche from that of a person seeking prosperity to one who has it.

When you encounter others, they will see you differently. Instead of seeing a person who is waiting for a change in their life and is just trudging along, they will see a person who is brighter, happier who seems to already have success and prosperity and is doing well.

They will treat you as more prosperous, and that in return will make you act more prosperous and successful, and the circle will continue until the created prosperity and the real prosperity delivery from the universe coincide. 

There will be no transition time to deal with this new success, as you have already been living as if this is part of your life, so it will feel natural.

By believing in your prosperity before it comes, you will let the universe know you are ready for it.   By living in prosperity before it comes, you will be prepared to enjoy it when it arrives.

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One thought on “Creating Reality”

  1. I agree with your post, I would like to add that we should constantly remind ourselves of the Abundance that surrounds us and is in fact a our natural state of being. Yes, I am coming to know that Abundance is my natural state of being. And if you don’t believe that yourself, just take a look at nature.
    Almost everything in nature is supplied in abundance like…air, water, plants and trees. In fact trees and plants are great examples of abundance in nature. Take any tree that bears fruit, say an apple for example, inside the apple you will find maybe have a dozen seeds or so. Well it only takes one seed from one apple from one tree to produce and infinite number of trees and an infinite amount of apples. Now that’s what I call Abundance. What a concept, one seed from any living plant or tree can produce infinite amounts in kind.
    Of course we could extend this to our own bodies which consists of trillions of cells that constantly reproduce themselves without effort on our part. So yes, Abundance really is our natural state of being! By the way “Abuncance Is My Natural State of Being” make a great affirmation…because it’s true!

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