Creating an Intention List

An intention list is a very powerful tool when it comes to manifesting with the Law of Attraction.  Basically, and intention list is a list of everything you want and hope to accomplish.  Building your list is a great manifestation meditation, and reviewing your list will add fuel to the fire.  Let’s talk more about what an intention list is and how you can create one.

Think about all of the things you want, and begin to write them down.  You may write things such as a plasma TV, a new car, a new house, a great job, a million dollars, a vacation to Hawaii, etc.  Just write down one item per line and write until you’ve exhausted your desires.  More will come to you over the next hour and even week, and you will want to add them as they do. 

Creating the list should put you in an excited state of mind, which is excellent for manifesting.  What you want to do when the list is finished, as you will probably be exhausted by then, is to place it somewhere that you will see it every day.  Hang it in your bathroom, or bedroom, or somewhere that you will be able to stop and look it over every day.  You don’t need to read your entire list every day!  Certain items will jump out at you as the most attractive, and what you should do then is to highlight those items.

Now each day when you pass your list, stop for a moment and read over the highlighted items.  Imagine the feeling you will have when you obtain that item.  Feel your excitement and happiness.  Then continue with your day.  By placing a little more energy into your intent day after day, you will find that several of your highlighted items will manifest quickly.  When something on your intention list manifests, merely put a nice big checkmark by it and highlight another item that you want. 

Little by little, you will find that the items on your list are manifesting in your life, and week by week your unchecked highlighted items will be changing.  The more this occurs, the more you will believe in the process, and the faster other items will manifest.  You will quickly find that an intention list will be something you always want to keep around.  They are fun to write, fun to read, and most importantly, that fun translates into emotion which translates into energy which translates into manifestation! 

When you have completely finished one list, tuck it away somewhere safe.  One day you may enjoy looking back through past lists and seeing just how much success you’ve had with the Law of Attraction.  If that doesn’t appeal to you, I advise you to take a more pagan route – destroy the past list in order to free up the energy it contains.  You may burn the paper, flush it (piece by piece!) or bury it in the earth, anything to release it back into the universe as a completed desire.  Whichever way you choose to treat your old lists, I think the emphasis is on recognizing that you have successfully manifested your desires and that you may now use your energy to manifest new ones. 

Happy manifesting!

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